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Microsoft Project 2010 Tutorial

Project managers are often responsible for the success (or failure) of a project. They are in charge of many critical activities such as building the schedule and tracking project resources, time, and cost. Microsoft Project 2010 supports these project management activities and more. In this VTC course, you will learn the basic functionalities of using Microsoft Project 2010 including: how to start a project and set up the project environment; how to create a work breakdown structure using Microsoft Project; how to manage tasks, resources, and costs; how to track progress and generate reports. You will also learn about several new and exciting features available in Project 2010, including an upgraded interface, the timeline view, and user-controlled scheduling. Click on the movie links below to get started today!


Course Contents
Microsoft Project 2010 Editions
MCTS: 77-178 (71-178 beta)

New Features in Project 2010

User Controlled Scheduling
Top Down Scheduling
Timeline View
Inactive Tasks
Column / Text / Formatting Flexibility
Team Planner
Task Inspector
Enhanced Data Sharing
Removed Features

Exploring the Control Panel

Introducing the Ribbon pt. 1
Introducing the Ribbon pt. 2
Default Views
Timeline View

Setting Up the Project Environment

Creating a New Project
Using & Creating Templates
Importing Tasks from Excel
Creating Calendars pt. 1
Creating Calendars pt. 2
Assigning & Modifying Calendars
Duration vs. Effort Based Scheduling
Project Statistics
Exploring the Gantt Chart View
Customizing Views

Using Manual vs. Auto Scheduling

Manual Scheduling
Benefits & Considerations

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

What is a WBS?
WBS Levels
Outline Numbering pt. 1
Outline Numbering pt. 2
Rolling Wave Planning
Inserting Tasks pt. 1
Inserting Tasks pt. 2
Inserting Summary Tasks pt. 1
Inserting Summary Tasks pt. 2
Inserting Milestones
Adding Tasks to the Timeline

Managing Tasks

Task Options
Editing a Task
Recurring Tasks
Inactive Tasks
Assigning a Calendar to a Task
Deleting a Calendar
Adding Notes
Task Inspector

Managing Task Dependencies

Linking Tasks pt. 1
Linking Tasks pt. 2
Dependency Types
Setting Dependencies
Leads & Lags
Understanding Constraints
Inserting Deadlines

Estimating Tasks

Entering Durations
Entering Elapsed Duration
Estimating Work
Estimating Costs
Defining the Critical Path

Assigning & Managing Resources

Resource Views
Creating a Resource Pool pt. 1
Creating a Resource Pool pt. 2
Sharing a Resource Pool
Updating Resource Details
Adjusting Resource Calendars
Setting Rates
Assigning Resources
Budget Resources
Resource Over-allocation
Resource Leveling
Modifying Assignments
Using Cost Rate Tables
Team Planner

Tracking Progress

Saving a Baseline
Viewing & Updating a Baseline
Updating Percent Complete pt. 1
Updating Percent Complete pt. 2
Entering Actuals
Splitting a Task
Using Groups
Creating Custom Tables
Comparing Project Versions

Variance Analysis

Types of Variance
Calculating Variance
Identifying Variance
Earned Value Analysis pt. 1
Earned Value Analysis pt. 2
Earned Value Analysis pt. 3

Generating Reports

Predefined Reports
Printing Out Assignments
Visual Reports
Printing Views
Copying & Pasting Data
Printing Calendars

Tips & Tricks

Creating Graphical Indicators
Linking External Tasks
Using the Help Feature
Downloading Templates

Wrap Up



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