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Microsoft Project 2000 Tutorial

Microsoft’s Project 2000 is an incredible tool for project management that helps you plan and track all of your projects. Greg Dutton is your instructor in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. First he takes you on a tour of the basic components. He will then help you learn everything you need to make Project 2000 work for you, including creating and assigning tasks and resources, sharing information about your project, and tracking the various stages of your progress. To get started now, simply click one of the topics below.

Introduction to Project Management

Is it a project or a Process?
What the 3 main needs of a project?
Where does Microsoft Project 2000 fit in?
Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)-pt1
Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)-pt2

Navigating in Project 2000

Getting Started
Menus and Toolbars
Views and Tables
Creating a Project file
Using Project Properties
Saving Project Files

Creating Tasks

Entering Tasks
Estimating Durations
Single and Multiple Tasks
Linking Tasks
Project Duration
Inserting New Tasks
Deleting Tasks
Creating Phases
Creating Milestones

Creating Resources

People Resources
Equipment Resources
Material Resources
Resource Rates
Resource Groups
Extra Resource Information

Assigning Resources to Tasks

Single Resources
Scheduling Process
Multiple Resources
Effort-Driven Scheduling
Removing Assignments
Assigning Material Resources
Inserting New Resources

Fine-Tuning Tasks

Project Working Times
Task Working Times
Links and Relationships
Task Types
Interrupting Work
Fixed Costs
Recurring Tasks
Task Constraints
Phases and Tasks
Deadline Dates
The Critical Path
Notes and Hyperlinks

Working with Resources

Working Times
Availability and Times
Multiple Pay Rates
Pay Rates at Multiple Times
Cost Factors
Allocations over Time
Leveling Resources
Details and Notes

Working with Assignments

Substituting Resources
Different Cost Rates and Tasks
Delaying Assignments
Using Work Contours

Presenting Project Information

Viewing and Sorting
Viewing and Grouping
Viewing and Filtering
Customizing Tables and Views
Formatting Charts and Views-pt1
Formatting Charts and Views-pt2
Formatting Charts and Views-pt3

Printing Project Information

Drawing on a Gantt Chart
Setup and Print Views
Customize and Print Reports

Project Information on the Web

Format as an Image
Save as a Web Page
Modify the Web Page

Exchanging Information with Other Programs

Copying and Pasting Data
Opening from other File Types
Saving to other File Types

Tracking Progress

Save a Baseline
Tracking Actual Progress
Recording Partial Progress
Entering Actual Project Data
Tracking the Project by Date
Creating an Interim Plan

Status Reports

Find Tasks that have Slipped
Viewing the Big Picture
Find Over Budget Items
Communicating Status to Stakeholders

Troubleshooting your Project

Time and Scheduling Problems
Cost and Resource Problems
Over-runs and Blowouts

Customizing Project

The Project Environment

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