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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Tutorial

This VTC course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for creating and making presentations. The course moves from a study of the PowerPoint interface through creating presentations, and where possible, reusing content already created. Participants will learn how to add smart art objects, images, drawings and charts to slides as well as importing an editing audio and video content.

The course author, Helen Bradley, teaches Microsoft PowerPoint from a business perspective, introducing tools that can be used to ensure that PowerPoint presentations are consistently formatted and so that, when changes are made, the changes flow seamlessly through the presentation. Topics included within the course: formatting data in tables, using the photo album tool, working with multimedia objects and properly preparing your slide show for presentation. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

PowerPoint 2010 Basics

About PowerPoint 2010
Use the Ribbon
Backstage View
Menus Mini Toolbar & Task Panes
PowerPoint Views
Get Help

Get Started

Open & Close a Presentation
Save a Presentation
Create a New Presentation
Use a Presentation Template

Work with Text

Type Text on a Slide
Format Text
Work with Bullets & Numbering
Line Spacing & Alignment
Create & Use Tabs pt. 1
Create & Use Tabs pt. 2
Cut Copy & Paste

Advanced Text Options

Create WordArt
Import Outline Text
Create Columns of text
Work with Hyperlinks

Work with Slides

Insert & Delete Slides
Reorder Slides in a Presentation
Use a Slide Library
Add Headers & Footers
Import Slides from a Presentation
Organize Slides into Sections

Themes / Layouts / Slide Master

Explore Themes & Layouts
Work with Layouts
Reapply Slide Layouts
Modify Theme Fonts & Colors
Work with Slide Backgrounds
Explore Slide Master & Layouts
Format a Slide Master
Customize a Slide Layout
Use Two Slide Masters
Save the Design as a Template

Work with Graphics

Insert a Graphic
Style a Graphic
Create a SmartArt Graphic
Add Images to SmartArt Graphics
Create an Organization Chart
Capture & Insert a Screenshot
Correct an Image
Modify an Image
Crop an Image to a Size or Shape
Insert a Chart
Format a Chart
Create a Photo Album
Format a Photo Album
Work with Photo Albums


Create a Table
Type Text in a Table
Insert & Delete Rows & Columns
Navigate & Selection in a Table
Merge Split & Distribute
Set & Use Tabs in Tables
Format a Table
Insert an Excel Worksheet pt. 1
Insert an Excel Worksheet pt. 2
Calculations in an Excel Worksheet
Format an Excel Worksheet

Drawing Shapes

Insert & Format a Shape
Use Connectors
Draw Curves & Freehand Lines
Arrange & Group Shapes
Flip / Rotate / Align / Distribute
Create a Simple Drawing

Multimedia Objects

Insert a Sound File
Configure Audio Playback Options
Insert a Movie
Format a Movie
Edit a Movie
Movie Bookmarks & Posters

Transitions / Animations / Actions

Add a Slide Transition
Animate Text
Animate an Image
Animate a Chart
Animate a SmartArt Graphic
Create a Custom Animation
Use the Animation Painter
Compress Graphics
Use an Action Button
Make a Shape Trigger an Action
Display a Hidden Slide
Make a Quiz with Action Buttons

Prepare Your Presentation

Spell Check a Presentation
Different Presentation Methods
Rehearse Timings
Make a Self Running Presentation
Create Multiple Shows
Security & Passwords
Print a Presentation
Optimize a Presentation
Check Accessibility
Create Speaker Notes
Create Handouts in Word
Print Speaker Notes & Handouts

Make a Presentation

Presenting on a Different Computer
Make a Presentation Live
Presentation Keyboard Shortcuts
About Presenter View
Save a Presentation for the Web
Distribute a Presentation
Broadcast a Presentation
Make a Video of a Presentation

Put it all Together

Create a New Presentation
Add the Text
Add the Images
Add Other Objects
Configure the Slide Show
Make the Presentation


Wrap up


About the Author

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