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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is one of the most robust upgrades in years. With its easy to use interface and advanced set of creative tools, users will be able to create everything from simple sales presentations to full-blown multimedia productions. In this VTC course, author and noted expert John Kuhlman, takes users through the many new features of this essential presentation tool, including the integration with other Microsoft Office Applications. Work Files are included. To get started, simply click on one of the movie links.

* Captions not available on CD version.


What is Microsoft PowerPoint
Using PowerPoint Views pt. 1
Using PowerPoint Views pt. 2
Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Getting Started

Getting Familiar with PowerPoint 2007

Working with the Ribbon
Exploring Themes / Layouts and Quick Styles
Using SmartArt Graphics
Using the Presenter View
Exploring New Text Options
Redesigning Tables and Charts
Utilizing Slide Libraries
Working with XML Formats
Protecting and Managing Information

Getting Started

Working with a Blank Presentation
Working with an Existing Presentation
Creating a New Slide
Customizing Your Slide Layout
Using a Design Template

Working with Text

Entering Text on a Slide
Managing Text Overflow
Formatting Text
Importing Text
Using Spell Checker
Working with Bullets and Numbering
Creating Titles
Creating Slide Content
Using Speaker Notes

Working with Graphics

Working with SmartArt Graphics
Working with WordArt
Inserting a Photo
Resizing and Rotating a photo
Formatting a Photo
Working with Clip Art
Formatting Clip Art

Working with Tables and Charts

Inserting a Table
Entering Table Data
Formatting Tables
Inserting a Word or Excel Chart
Inserting a Chart
Entering Chart Data
Formatting Charts
Inserting a Word or Excel Chart

Drawing Shapes

Inserting Shapes
Drawing Shapes
Using 3D Effects
Working with Fill & Line Color
Aligning and Grouping Shapes pt. 1
Aligning and Grouping Shapes pt. 2
Drawing a Curve
Using Quick Styles
Using Action Buttons

Creating Custom Themes and Quick Styles

Using Theme Colors
Modifying Theme Fonts
Working with Theme Effects
Editing a Theme Master
Creating a Background
Applying Quick Styles
Editing a Quick Style

Working with Multimedia

Using Multimedia on Slides
Inserting Movies
Managing Movie Action
Inserting Audio Clips
Managing Audio Playback
Using CD Music
Working with Hyperlinks

Applying Transitions and Animations

Understanding Transitions
Applying a Transition to a Slide pt. 1
Applying a Transition to a Slide pt. 2
Using Animation
Applying Animation to Text
Applying Animation to an Object
Animating a SmartArt Graphic
Creating a Custom Animation

Preparing Your Final Presentation

Sorting Slides
Rehearsing a Show
Using Hidden Slides
Creating Custom Shows
Printing Audience Handouts and Speaker Notes

Delivering Your Presentation

Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving Between Slides
Using Pointers and Annotations
Saving for the Web
Setting Security Options

Tips and Tricks

Putting it All Together pt. 1
Putting it All Together pt. 2
Putting it All Together pt. 3
Putting it All Together pt. 4
Putting it All Together pt. 5
Putting it All Together pt. 6
Putting it All Together pt. 7
Top Five Ways to Kill Your Presentation


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