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Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 provides a complete set of tools for creating powerful presentations. Organize and format your material easily, illustrate your points with your own images, or clip art, and even broadcast presentations over the Web. Virtual Training Company author Curtis Simmons shows users how to get the most out of this application. In this tutorial, he explains the basics of PowerPoint, how to create and modify presentations, clip art and drawing tools, printing and packaging, and more. Start learning today by clicking one of the movie topics below.


What is Microsoft PowerPoint?
What You Can Do with PowerPoint

Getting Familiar With PowerPoint

Getting Ready to Install PowerPoint
Opening PowerPoint
Getting to Know the Interface
Working with the Task Pane
Working with the Slides/Outline Pane
Working with Toolbars
Organizing Toolbars
Customizing Toolbars
Using Menus
Closing PowerPoint

Creating a Presentation

Using AutoContent
Using a Design Template
From an Existing Presentation
Using a Blank Presentation
Creating New Slides
Changing a Slide's Layout
Using Color Schemes
Editing a Color Scheme
Getting New Templates from the Web

Working with Slide Text

Entering Text on a Slide
Managing Text Overflow
Formatting Text pt. 1
Formatting Text pt. 2
Formatting Text pt. 3
Working with Bullets and Numbering
Creating Great Titles
Creating Great Slide Content
Typing Speaker Notes

Inserting Pictures and Clip Art

Inserting Clip Art
Resizing Clip Art
Rotating and Moving Clip Art
Inserting a Photo
Resizing a Photo
Rotating and Moving a Photo
Formatting a Photo
Using the Picture Toolbar pt. 1
Using the Picture Toolbar pt. 2
Using the Picture Toolbar pt. 3
Creating a Photo Album pt. 1
Creating a Photo Album pt. 2

Inserting Tables and Charts

Inserting a Table
Entering and Formatting Table Data
Formatting Tables pt. 1
Formatting Tables pt. 2
Inserting a Word Table
Insert a Chart
Manage Chart Data
Format a Chart

Drawing Shapes

Inserting AutoShapes
Modifying AutoShapes
Using 3D Effects
Working with Fill Color
Editing Line Properties
Duplicating Shapes
Aligning Shapes
Managing Stack Order
Drawing Basic Shapes
Drawing an Arc
Grouping Shapes
Putting Text on Shapes
Using Connectors
Using WordArt
Create a Flow Chart
Format a Flow Chart
Insert Text on a Flow Chart

Creating Custom Templates

Changing a Design Template's Colors
Making a Design Template B&W/Grayscale
Editing a Title Master
Editing a Slide Master
Creating a Color Scheme
Creating a Background
Saving a Presentation as a Design Template

Working with Multimedia

Using Multimedia on Slides
Inserting Movies
Managing Movie Action
Inserting Audio Clips
Managing Audio Playback
Using CD Music
Recording Sound
Working with Hyperlinks

Applying Transitions and Animation

Understanding Transitions
Applying a Transition to a Slide pt. 1
Applying a Transition to a Slide pt. 2
Using Animation
Animation Options
Applying Animation to a Slide pt. 1
Applying Animation to a Slide pt. 2
Managing Animation


Editing a Presentation
Using Spelling and Research
Setting Up a Show
Rehearsing a Show
Saving Custom Shows
Using Hidden Slides
Printing Audience Handouts
Printing Speaker Notes

Delivering Your Presentation

Moving Between Slides
Using Screen Options
Using Pointers
Delivery Tips


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