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Microsoft Outlook 97 Tutorial

Microsoft Outlook 97 is a great tool for staying organized, both personally and for business purposes. Use Outlook to keep track of daily or weekly tasks, to remind you of important meetings or other events, to send emails, and to store contact information of clients or friends. Virtual Training Company's tutorial will provide you with the knowledge you need. After introducing the interface, author Damienne Fitzpatrick will guide you through the many aspects of Outlook, including a contact list, calendar, and a journal. She will show you how to send email with attachments, make appointments, invite others to a meeting, delegate tasks, create journal entries, and more. Get started today by clicking on one of the topics below.

Getting Started

Let's Get Started
What You See
Navigating Outlook


Create A New Contact
Edit, Import & Delete Contacts
Contact Dialog Box
Contact Views
Modify A View
Create A View
Work with Contacts


Configure for Mail
Get Started with Mail
Create A New Message
Attach, Signature & Options
Send Mail
Log On - Auto & Manual
Open & Print Mail
Mail Views


Create an Appointment
Edit & Delete an Appointment
Create an Event
Create A Meeting
Meeting Responses
Recurring Items


Create A Task
Tasks Dialog Box
Recurring Tasks
Edit & Delete A Task
Task Views
Organize Tasks
Delegate Tasks


Automatic Entries
Manual Item Entries
Manual Document Entries
Record, Edit & Delete Entries
Journal Views


Create A Note
Edit, Resize & Delete A Note
Note Views

Managing Outlook

View Files & Folders
Personal Folders File
Install Outlook

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