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Microsoft Outlook 2010 Tutorial

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is one of the most popular applications for managing email, scheduling, tasks, and contacts. It consists of five (5) main sections – Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Journal – all of which are covered in this course, enabling users to get started with and efficiently use the entire application. Students learn to send, receive, and manage their email, as well as how to attach files to, format, and customize their email, and how to connect their messages to calendar items and contacts. They also learn how to manage their schedules and to-do lists, and to store and make effective use of their business and personal contacts. By the conclusion of the course, students understand how to use and customize the five main components of Outlook and will have the confidence and capacity to fully master the application through daily use. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


About this Course
What Outlook Does
New in Outlook 2010

E-mail Basics

Setting Up the E-mail Workspace
Setting Up an E-mail Account
Composing a New E-mail Message
Formatting an E-mail Message
Saving Drafts
Sending an E-mail
Printing Messages

Replying and Forwarding E-mail

Retrieving Your E-mail
Replying to Messages
Forwarding Messages
Automating Send and Receive
Flagging Messages
Categorizing Messages
Customizing Categories
Creating a Quick Click Category

Beyond the Basics

Attaching Files to Messages
Attaching a Business Card
Attaching an Outlook Item
Using Spell Check
Setting Up Automatic Spell Check pt. 1
Setting Up Automatic Spell Check pt. 2
Creating an E-mail Signature
Using E-mail Stationery pt. 1
Using E-mail Stationery pt. 2
Formatting Message Layout
Creating an Out-of-the-Office Message
Delaying Messages and Directing Replies
Message Controls / Voting / Tracking
Automatic Receipt Handling

Organizing Your Mail

Sorting and Searching for Messages
Adding and Rearranging Columns
Creating Folders to Organize Mail pt. 1
Creating Folders to Organize Mail pt. 2
Setting Up E-mail - Handling Rules pt. 1
Setting Up E-mail - Handling Rules pt. 2
Working with Default Quick Steps
Creating Your Own Quick Steps
Managing Junk Mail
Archiving Your E-mail
Cleaning Up Your E-mail

Setting Up the Calendar

Creating and Using Multiple Calendars
Choosing Your Time Zone
Establishing Your Work Week and Hours
Working with Calendar Views
Choosing a Time Scale
Applying Colors and Fonts
Controlling Reminders and Free / Busy Settings
Adding Holidays

Creating Appointments and Meetings

Adding a New Appointment
Categorizing Calendar Items
Creating a Recurring Event
Scheduling Meetings and Inviting Attendees
Handling Meeting Replies
Archiving Your Calendar Items

Using Your Calendar

Printing Your Calendar
Working in Schedule View
E-mailing Your Calendar
Publishing an Online Calendar

Tracking Your Tasks

Working with the Tasks and To-Do List Views
Creating a New Task
Editing Tasks
Printing Tasks and To-Do Lists
Using the Journal and Notes Features


Creating New Contacts
Customizing Your Contacts View pt. 1
Customizing Your Contacts View pt. 2
Editing and Deleting Contacts
Assigning Tasks to Contacts
Setting Up Contact Groups
Searching for Contacts
Sharing Contacts
Printing Your Contacts Database
Using Your Database for a Mail Merge pt. 1
Using Your Database for a Mail Merge pt. 2
Controlling Contacts Order
Linking Contacts to Mail and Calendar Items
Importing Contacts

Advanced Outlook Topics

Creating Distribution Lists
Establishing Calendar Groups
Customizing Toolbars and Menus
Set Up E-mail Alerts and Notifications
Creating an Outlook Profile
Exporting Your Outlook Files
Backing Up Your Outlook Files




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