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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Tutorial

Microsoft Outlook 2007 provides an integrated solution for managing and organizing e-mail messages, schedules, tasks, notes, contacts, and more. With its new design and advanced customization features, Microsoft Outlook 2007 is much more than just an e-mail/calendar application. Author Brian Culp guides users through using this exciting new program, from installation to utilizing it as a complete task and communication management program. As a part of Microsoft Office, or as a stand alone program, Brian Culp will show users how to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook 2007, and he even includes 10 of his favorite tips / tricks. Click on the links below to get started today.

* Captions not available on CD version.

Setting Up Outlook 2007

Intro and Overview
New Features and Capabilities
Setting up an E-mail Account
Create an Outlook Profile
Personalize the Outlook Workspace

Send and Receive E-mail

Compose an E-mail Message
Send an E-mail Message
Format Your Messages
Attach Files to E-mails
Resend and Recall
Configure E-mail Notifications
Receive and Handle E-mail
Create an Appointment From a Message

Manage the Inbox

Search the Inbox
Sort E-mail
Customize the View
Reset the View
Categorize E-mail
Using Flags
Printing an E-mail

Manage Contacts

Use the Contacts Window
Handle Duplicate Contacts
Update Contact Information
Create a Distribution List
Use Different Views
Change the Business Card
Print Contact Information

Manage Time

Schedule an Appointment
Change Appointments
Create and Delete an Event
Send Meeting Requests
Using the Calendar Views
Customize Calendar Views
More Calendar Customization
Change the Time Zone
Print a Calendar
Send a Calendar as E-mail

Tasks and Notes

Create a Task
Task Options
Task Views
Create a Note
Link a Note
Organize Notes
Create a Shortcut
Create a Shortcut Grouping
Assign Tasks

Customizing Outlook 2007

Using Search Folders
Deleting Items in Search Folders
Handling E-mail with Rules
Manually Create a Rule
Change the Quick Access Toolbar
Manage Editor Options
E-mail Signatures
E-mail Stationary
Manually Add a Signature
Delivery Options
Archive E-mail
Archive Items Manually
Archive for Performance
Customize Printing

Outlook Maintenance

Backup Your Personal Folders File
Restore Your Personal Folders File
Repair Personal Folders File
Deleted Items Folder
Retrieve Deleted Items
Use Other Data Files
Export Contacts
Import Contacts
Send/Receive Groups
Message Headers

Advanced Outlook

Using the Research Pane
Configure the Research Pane
Translation and Dictionaries
Auto Respond to Messages pt. 1
Auto Respond to Messages pt. 2
Share a Calendar with Internet Free/Busy
Publish with Office Online
Send Internet Free/Busy Info
Create Group Schedule
Create a Group Meeting
Block HTML Content
Dealing with Junk Mail
Configure Junk Mail Settings
Security with Digital Certificates
Sign a Single E-mail
Encrypt E-mail

Ten Cool Outlook Tips and Tricks

Use Outlook as an RSS Feed Reader
Managing RSS Feeds
Use Internet Calendars
Use Multiple Calendars
Add Holidays to the Calendar
Use Office 2007 Themes
Automatically Accept Meetings
Automatically Close Replied-to Mail
Clear the AutoComplete Cache
Create a Rule From an Existing E-mail
Change File Preview Behavior

Wrap Up

Wrap Up


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