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Microsoft Outlook 2002 Tutorial

Accessing and communicating quickly and effectively in today's fast-paced world is critical. Work smarter and faster. Microsoft Outlook 2002 makes it a breeze to manage e-mail messages, tasks, contacts, and appointments all from one location. Send and receive instant messages, access Web-based e-mail accounts, and schedule meetings. Virtual Training Company author Brian Culp steps you through this powerful personal information management software. To get started, simply click on one of the topics below.


Getting Around In Outlook
The Outlook Toolbars
Creating a Profile
Setting Delivery Preferences
Help and the Office Assistant

Managing Your E-Mail Messages

Composing and Sending Messages
Receiving and Opening E-Mail
Handling Attachments
Viewing E-Mail
Sorting E-Mail
Printing an E-Mail
Moving E-Mail Between Folders
Searching for Messages
Saving Messages in Alternate Formats
Modifying Incoming Message Options
Archiving E-Mail Including AutoArchive
Setting E-Mail Options
Installing/Importing/Using Address Books
Creating Distribution Lists

Managing Your Contacts

Adding Contacts
Modifying and Deleting Contacts
Using Contacts/Linking Contacts to Activities
Creating Other Items from Contacts
Finding and Viewing Contacts
Organizing Contacts
Setting Contact Options

Managing Your Time With The Calendar

Exploring Calendar Views
Customizing the Calendar
Integrating Calendar with Outlook Components
Publishing Your Calendar as a Web Page
Printing a Calendar
Adding an Appointment
Creating a Meeting in the Calendar
Using the Meeting Request form
Converting Appointments/Events/Replying
Scheduling Meeting Resources
Changing a Scheduled Meeting
Creating a Task
Assigning Tasks
Modifying and Deleting Tasks
Creating Tasks From Other Outlook Folders
Viewing, Organizing, and Tracking tasks
Adding Journal Entries
Viewing and Printing Journal Entries
Creating and Managing Notes
Customizing and Printing Notes

Working With Microsoft Exchange

Sharing Private Folders
Creating and Using Public Folders
Using Offline Folders
Synchronizing Offline Folders
Adding the Exchange Extensions
Working with Personal Folders
Remote Mail/Making a Dial-Up Connection

Advanced Outlook Skills

Working with Folders and Modifying Properties
Using Send/Receive Groups and Categories
Adding a Signature to e-mail
Dealing with Junk e-mail
Using the Rules Wizard
Using the Out of Office Assistant
Saving Time with Templates
Installing Speech and Handwriting Modules
Using Voice Commands and Dictation
Using Speech Recognition/Using Handwriting
Working with Office Apps from within Outlook
Using the Integrated Mail Merge Feature
Importing and Exporting Data
Viewing Web Pages in Outlook
Send and Receive Newsgroup Messages pt. 1
Send and Receive Newsgroup Messages pt. 2
Using NetMeeting pt. 1
Using NetMeeting pt. 2
Using NetMeeting pt. 3
Communicating with Instant Messaging
Customizing and Removing Folder Views
Customizing Outlook Today
Creating New Views

Building Outlook Applications

Customizing Startup Behavior
Customizing the Outlook Bar
Customizing Toolbars and Menus
Designing a Custom Form pt. 1
Designing a Custom Form pt. 2
Setting Form Properties and Using a Form


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