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Microsoft Outlook 2000 Tutorial

Microsoft Outlook 2000 is somewhat like an electronic diary, for either personal or business use. Use Outlook to keep track of daily or weekly tasks, to remind you of important meetings or other events, to send emails, and to store contact information of clients or friends. Virtual Training Company's tutorial will provide you with the knowledge you need. After introducing the interface, author Zoe Barnett will explain how to use the many aspects of Outlook to help get or keep you organized. She will show you how to make appointments, invite others to a meeting, delegate tasks, create journal entries, and more. Learn how now by clicking a topic that interests you below.

Getting Started & Outlook Today

Outlook Interface
Navigating Outlook
Customizing Outlook Today


Configure E-mail Accounts
E-mail Properties
E-mail Content
Addressing E-mail
Creating & Sending E-Mail
Formatting E-Mail
Setting Default Formats for E-mail
Using WORD to Format E-Mail
Signatures & Attachments
Logging on & Reading Mail
Tracking an E-Mail Document
Organize Mail Manually
Preset Organize Options
Views; Printing
Security; Viruses & E-mail Netiquette


Create New Appointment
Edit & Delete an Appointment
Create an Event
Create A Meeting
Meeting Invitations & Responses
Recurring Items


Create A New Contact
Edit; Import & Delete Contacts
Contact Dialog Box in Detail
Standard Contact Views
Customize A View
Create A New View
Working with Contacts


Open & Create A Task
Filling In A Task
Recurring Tasks
Edit & Delete A Task
Task Views
Organizing Tasks
Delegate Tasks
Receiving A Task


Create A Note
Edit; Resize & Delete A Note
Note Views

Journal & Links

Tracking Activities with Journal & Links
Auto Linking
Manual Journal Entry with Links
Journal Views
Record; Edit & Delete Journal Entries

Managing Outlook

Installing Outlook
View Files & Folders
Personal Folders/.pst files
Managing File Size
Deleting & Archiving
Finding & Searching Items
Help by using The Office Assistant

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