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Microsoft Office XP Upgrade Tutorial

In Virtual Training Company's tutorial for Upgrade to Microsoft XP, author Greg Dutton explains the features that make XP productive, efficient, and reliable. He covers everything that is new to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, and Outlook. In no time, these new features will become as familiar to you as your old version of Microsoft Office. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.



Productivity and Efficiency

Smart Tags
Task Panes
File New (Task Pane)
Office Clipboard (Task Pane)
Office Document Imaging
Compress Pictures
Ask a Question
Send for Review
Compare and Merge

Access to Information

Search (Task Pane)
Save to MSN
Office Template Gallery
Media Gallery
Print from Browser

Reliability, Data Recovery, and Security

Application and Document Recovery
Application Error Reporting
Document Password Encryption
Digital Signatures

Whats New in Microsoft Word?

Easier Formatting (Task Pane)
Everyday Tasks - Formatting
Everyday Tasks - Utilities
Everyday Tasks & Graphics
Product Updates and Assistance

Whats New in Microsoft Excel?

Importing Data from the Web
Importing Data from Data Sources
Formulas and Functions
Formula Evaluation
Worksheet and Workbook Formatting
Everyday Tasks
Everyday Tasks
Product Updates and Assistance

Whats New in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Collaborative Online Reviews
Everyday Tasks & New Templates
Everyday Tasks & Graphics
Everyday Tasks & Sounds & Pictures
Animation Effects and Animation Schemes
Custom Animation
Multiple Templates & Design Masters
Creating a Photo Album
Presentation Broadcasting
Product Updates and Assistance

Whats New in Microsoft Access?

Introduction and Compatibility
PivotChart and PivotTable Views
XML Support
Extended Property Support - SQL 2000
Everyday Tasks
Data Access Pages
Product Updates and Assistance

Whats New in Microsoft FrontPage?

Create the Web Site You Want
Cross-Browser Enhanced Drawing Tools
Automatically Updated Web Content
Better Web Site Control and Management
Everyday Tasks
Product Updates and Assistance

Whats New in Microsoft Outlook?

Colour Appointments
Multiple Reminders in a Single Dialog Box
E-mail Accounts, Profiles and Contacts
Everyday Tasks
Storing, Organizing, and Backing Up Data
Product Updates and Assistance

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