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Microsoft Office 98 for Mac Tutorial

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Office 98 Interface

Installing Office 98
Making Aliases
Launching Programs
Docking & Floating Toolbars
Toolbar Help

Common Office 98 Features

Getting Help
Help on the Web
Selecting Text I
Selecting Text 2
Cut, Copy & Paste
Moving & Copying
Working with Multiple Documents
Drag & Drop between Windows
Undo & Redo

Clip Art

Intro to Clip Art
Importing Clip Art
Searching for Clip Art
Movies, Pictures & Sound
Editing Clip Art 1
Editing Clip Art 2
Ungrouping Clip Art


Intro to Drawing Tools
Rectangles & Ovals
Selecting & Resizing
Constraining Moving Objects
The Grid
Snapping to Objects
Filling Objects - Colors
Fill Effects-Gradients
Other Fill Effects
Adding Shadows
3D Shapes
Auto Shapes
Adding Text to Shapes
Changing Auto Shapes
Order of Objects
Aligning Objects
Distributing Objects
Group & Ungroup
Rotating Objects

Word Basics

Starting Word
Saving Files
Opening Word Files
Using Zoom
Viewing Documents
Paragraph Marks
Spelling & Grammar I
Spelling & Grammar II
Spelling & Grammar Tip
Auto Correct
Auto Text
Inserting Date & Time


Character Formatting
Bold, Italic & Underline
Font Point Size
Changing Font Color
Font Dialog Box
Bullets & Numbering
Custom Bullets
Hanging Indents
Setting Tabs
Paragraph Spacing
Style Sheets
Style Gallery
Document Formatting
Page Breaks
Section Breaks
Headers & Footers
Inserting Drop Caps
Changing Case


Adding & Removing Columns
Setting Uneven Columns
Adjusting Column Width
Using Section Breaks
Inserting Column Breaks


Intro to Borders
Border Options
Adjusting Borders
Adding Shading
Adding Page Borders


Creating a Table
Adjust Cell Width & Height
Distribute Rows & Columns
Formatting Tables 1
Formatting Tables 2
Drawing Tables
Auto Formatting
Converting Text to Tables
Use Mathematical Functions
Sorting within Tables


Print Preview 1
Print Preview 2
Print Options

Excel Intro

The Excel Window
The Workbook
Selecting Cells

Excel Basics

Entering Data
Editing Cells
Mathematical Operators
Basic Formulas 1
Basic Formulas 2
Order of Precedence
Deleting & Clearing Cells
Cut, Copy & Paste
Copying with the Mouse
Change Column Widths
Change Row Height
Auto Fill
Customizing Auto Fill

Building a Worksheet

Entering Dates
Entering Titles
Entering Data Ranges
Using Auto Sum 1
Using Auto Sum 2
Using Auto Sum 3
Auto Fill with Formulas
Creating Averages
Maximum & Minimum Formulas
Creating Percentages
Absolute Addresses
Inserting Columns
Inserting Rows
Updating Formulas


Intro to Formatting
Changing Font
Alignment 1
Alignment 2
Formatting Numbers 1
Formatting Numbers2
Removing Gridlines
Adding Boarders
Adding Color
Auto Format
Format Painter


Print Preview
Getting Page to Fit
Print Headers and Footer


Charts Wizard
Modifying Charts
Modifying Charts 2
Creating Pie Charts

Intro to Databases

Sorting Data
Advanced Sorts
Querying a Database 1
Querying a Database 2

Multiple Worksheets

Add & Delete Worksheets
Renaming Sheets
Data in Multiple Worksheets
Formulas in Multiple Worksheets
Totaling Worksheets
Totaling Worksheets with AutoSum
Finishing Workbook

Intro to PowerPoint

Starting PowerPoint
PowerPoint Window
Power Point Views
Moving between Slide
Open & Switch Presentations

Creating New Presentations

Auto Content Wizard
Prebuilt Presentations
Presentation Designs
Blank Presentations

Building Presentations

Adding & Moving Text
Formatting Text 1
Formatting Text 2
Change Text Color
Filling Text Blocks
Add & Delete Slides
Save & Save As
Slide Masters
Slide Masters - Text Formatting
Slide Vs Title Masters
Headers & Footers
Change Presentation Designs
Modifying Backgrounds

Working with Text

The Outline View
Promoting & Demoting 1
Promoting & Demoting 2
Cutting & Pasting
Moving Bullets Up & Down
Collapse & Expanding
Changing Bullets 1
Changing t Bullets 2
Adjusting Line Spacing
Space Before & After
Setting Tabs

Adding Graphics

Intro to Graphics
Build a Presentation - Clip Art
Build a Presentation -Clip Art 2
Build a Presentation -Clip Art 3
Build a Presentation -Photos
Build a Presentation -Sound
Build a Presentation -Add Web Link

Preparing for Presentation

Action Buttons 1
Action Buttons 2
Custom Animations 1
Custom Animations 2
Custom Animations 3

Slide Sorter View

Slide Sorter View
Adding Transitions
Text Animation Effects
Rehearse Timings
Running the Presentation


Setting Up a Notes Page

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