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Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Tutorial

Office 2008 is the latest update to Microsoft’s suite of business applications for the OS X platform. Tutorial author Brian Culp will guide users through a tour of the Office’s four core applications: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Entourage – the Macintosh version of Outlook, complete with Exchange support. Users will quickly step through the basics of using each of these four applications, spending the bulk of the tutorial working through more advanced tips and techniques. Brian’s approach is to give users a look at features that will unlock maximum creativity with a minimum of time investment for the user. To begin learning Microsoft Office 2008, click on the movie links.

Office 2008 Significant Features

Intro & Overview
Elements Gallery
My Day
Document Themes

PowerPoint Basics

Creating a Presentation
Adding & Duplicating Slides
Editing Slide Layout
Include Pictures
Save Options

Word Basics

New Documents
Editing Text
Smart Cut & Paste
Using AutoCorrect
Using AutoText

Excel Basics

New Workbooks / Worksheets
Navigating Cells
Editing Cells
AutoFill & AutoComplete
Find & Replace

Managing Email with Entourage

The Entourage Interface
Set Up a Mail Account
Create Email
Set Up WebMail Accounts
Configure Schedules
Replying & Forwarding
Organize Email
Handling Junk Mail
Searching Email
Using Signatures
Create a Rule

Calendar / Contacts / Tasks

Creating a Contact
Importing Online Contacts
Edit Contacts
Creating a Group
Using the Calendar
Create an Event
Create Tasks
Office Reminders
Printing Entourage Items
The Project Center
Sync with Mobile Devices

Power PowerPoint

Formatting Text
Using Text Boxes
Change Slide Background
Use a Picture Background
Modify a Theme
Sort Slides / Selective Themes
Adding Transitions
Applying Animations
Adding Audio
Adding a Soundtrack
Narrating a Project
Adding Video
Setting Slide Timings
Using Notes & Presenter View
Printing Slides & Handouts
Creating PowerPoint Movies
Customize the Show

Power Word

Formatting Words
Formatting Paragraphs
Formatting Lists
Using Tabs
Formatting Pages
Correct Spelling
Thesaurus & Dictionary
Add a Header & Footer
Automate Headers & Footers
Add a Page Breaks
Add a Section Break
Insert a Watermark
Making Columns
Making a Table
Formatting a Table
Compare & Track Changes
TOC & Cover Pages

Power Excel

Naming Cell Ranges
Add a Cell Comment
Sheet Navigation
Adding Pictures
Create a Formula
Create a Function
Cell Formatting
Use the Calculator
Conditional Formatting
Create a List
Enter List Data
Sort & Filter Lists
Insert a Chart
Protect Sheet Elements
Exporting Data

Power Tips & Tricks

Essential Entourage Preferences
Gather Customer Emails
Change the Message Format
Customize the Toolbar
Widow & Orphan Control
Link Text Boxes
Freeze Column Headings
Saving a Cell Style
Data Validation In Cells
Use Excel’s Goal Seek

Wrap Up / Credits

Wrap Up
About the Author

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