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Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Tutorial

Microsoft® Office 2004 for Mac provides the tools needed for users to get down to business and turn ideas and opportunities into action. author, Brian Culp, begins the tutorial by introducing new features of Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac, including the Project Center, Project Gallery, Compatibility Reports, and Toolbox. He demonstrates the basics of Excel, Word, PowerPoint® and Entourage®, before moving on to more advanced techniques, practical tips, and tricks. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac lessons.

Office 2004 New Features

Introduction and Overview
Project Gallery
The Toolbox pt. 1
The Toolbox pt. 2
The Project Center
Multiple Pages on One Page
MSN Messenger in Word
Note Taking in Word
Converting Notes to Papers
Audio Notes
Presenter Tools
Exchange Support in Entourage

Word Basics

Launching Word
Navigating in Word
Editing Text
Using AutoText
Using AutoCorrect

PowerPoint Basics

Creating a Presentation pt. 1
Creating a Presentation pt. 2
PowerPoint Navigation
Adding and Duplicating Slides
Editing Order and Layout
Include Pictures pt. 1
Include Pictures pt. 2

Spreadsheets with Excel

Using Workbooks and Worksheets
Navigating Cells
Editing and AutoFill
Find and Replace
Inserting Rows, Columns/Cells
Naming Ranges/Pages pt. 1
Naming Ranges/Pages pt. 2
Moving Cells/Viewing Sheets
Number Formatting
Adding Pictures

Email and Contacts with Entourage

Launching Entourage
Setting Up an Account
Configuring a Schedule
Create Email pt. 1
Create Email pt. 2
Reading Messages
Replying and Forwarding
Organizing Email
Create a Rule
Using Rules
Handling Junk Mail
Creating a Group
Using Signatures
Creating a Contact
Editing Contacts pt. 1
Editing Contacts pt. 2
Using the Calendar
Recurring Tasks
Creating Tasks
Managing and Printing Tasks
Newsgroups pt. 1
Newsgroups pt. 2
Newsgroups pt. 3

Advanced Word

Advanced Cut and Paste
Correcting Your Spelling
Correcting Grammar Text
Thesaurus and Dictionary
Advanced Saving
Tracking Changes
Collaborating pt. 1
Collaborating pt. 2
Document Formatting
Adding a Header and Footer
Adding Page Breaks
Creating Sections
Different First Page Headers
Making Columns
Text Formatting
Paragraph Formatting
Creating Lists
Using the Letter Wizard
Printing an Envelope
Inserting a Watermark
Getting Rid of Extra Pages

PowerPoint for Presentations

Formatting Text pt. 1
Formatting Text pt. 2
Adding a Footer
Using the Slide Master
Changing a Single Slide
Printing Slides for Handouts
Using Templates
Adding Transitions
Applying Animation
Adding Audio and Video
Setting Slide Timings
Run the Slide Show
Entering Action Items pt. 1
Entering Action Items pt. 2
Narrating a Project
Creating PowerPoint Movies
Creating PowerPoint Packages

Advanced Excel

Inserting a Comment
Advanced Formatting
Using Lists
Editing List Contents
Validation and Sorting
Using Formulas
Functions and AutoSum
Using the Chart Wizard
Modifying a Chart
Exporting Data

Cool Tips and Tricks

Adding Calendar Events
Access Programs More Easily
Preventing Toolbox Glow
Email from Two Computers
Close All Open Documents
Save All Open Documents
Create a Custom List
Using a Trendline
Using Scenario Manager
Sharing a Workbook
Securing a Worksheet

Wrap Up

Final Notes


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