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Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac Tutorial

Microsoft Office 2001 is a great suite that allows you to perform a variety of tasks, such as sending email, creating newsletters or other documents, creating charts and graphs, and putting together presentations. Mark Maggiacoma guides you through this Virtual Training Company tutorial by introducing you to the basics common to all the different features, like creating new documents and saving. He then covers the Project Gallery, where you can set up menus, shopping lists, workout logs, and much more. You will be led from the basics, through editing, layout, special items, and finish with how to print in Word 2001, Excel 2001, and PowerPoint 2001. You will also learn how to use Entourage, including how to set up multiple email accounts. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.

What is Office 2001?

Office 2001 Introduction

Installation Considerations

The Value Pack
Making Aliases & Launching Programs
Setting Preferences
New Microsoft Office Manager

Office Basics

The Project Gallery
New Document Creation
Saving Documents
Printing Documents
Closing Documents
Opening Existing Files
Quitting Applications

Common Features

The Keyboard
Keyboard Pt2: Customize
Selecting text
Cut Copy & Move
The New Office Clipboard
Working with Multiple Documents
Undo & Redo
Flag for Follow-up

Clip Art

Using ClipArt Gallery
Searching for ClipArt
Importing ClipArt
Using ClipArt Live Update
Organizing ClipArt Your Way
ClipArt Properties

Finding Help

The Office Assistant
The Help Window
Help on the Web

Entourage 2001 - Environment

Entourage 1st Run
What is Entourage?
Setting up for Email
Understanding Email
The Workspace Basics
The Toolbar Detail
The Folder List Detail
Folder Contents & Preview Pane
Setting & Using Categories
Address Book Overview
Managing & Adding Contacts
The Calendar Overview
Managing Calendar Items
Task Manager Overview
Creating & Tracking Tasks
Notes Manager
Portable Data

Entourage 2001 Email

Adding Email Accounts
Composing Email
Send - Now or Later
Receiving Email & Attachments
Forward Delete & Restore Email
Creating & Organizing Folders
Applying Rules
Find & Advanced Find
Linking It All Together

Word - Basics

Creating a New Blank Document
Opening Existing Documents
Using Project Gallery
The Standard Toolbar
The Contacts Toolbar
The Formatting Palette
Saving Files
Formatting Your Documents
Printing Your Documents

Word 2001 - Formatting

Creating & Selecting Text
Navigating & Editing Text
Undo & Redo
Cut & Paste
Selected Shortcuts
Font & Font Attributes
Changing Case
Tabs & Columns
Drop Caps & Text Direction
Format Painter
Line Spacing
Paragraph Settings
Bullets & Numbering
Customizing Bullets & Numbering
Borders & Shading

Word 2001 - Editing

Spelling Check
Grammar Check
New Built-in Dictionary
New Built-in Thesaurus
Find & Replace
Reviewing by One & All

Word 2001 - Layout

Page Views
Header & Footers
Page & Section Breaks
Page Numbering
Footnotes & Endnotes

Word 2001 - Printing

Print Preview
Label and Envelopes

Excel 2001 - Basics

New in Excel 2001!
What is a Spreadsheet?
What is a Workbook?
Elements of a Spreadsheet
Selecting Cells
How to Input Data

Excel 2001 - Formatting

Creating & Selecting Data
Navigating & Editing Data
Undo & Redo
Font & Font Attributes
Column Width & Row Height
Gridlines or Not
Borders & Color
Selected Shortcuts

Excel 2001 - Editing

Standard Toolbar
Formula Toolbar
Formatting Palette
Cut Copy Paste & Paste Special
Deleting & Clearing
Formula Calculator
Changing Locations
Zoom and Page Views
Using & Customizing Autofill

Excel 2001 - Layout

Multiple Worksheets
Add & Delete Worksheets
Renaming a Worksheet

Excel 2001 - Special Items

Chart Wizard
List Wizard
Sorting Data
FileMaker Pro Import Wizard
Automatic Save As Web Page

Excel 2001 - Printing

Print Preview & Fit to Page
Print Headers & Footers

PowerPoint 2001 - Basics

New in PowerPoint
2002 Starting PowerPoint
New Presentations
PowerPoint Workspace
PowerPoint Views
Moving Between Slides
Saving Presentations

PowerPoint 2001 - Formatting

Auto Content Wizard
Pre-built Presentations
Presentation Styles
New Blank Presentation
Headers & Footers
Adding & Deleting Slides
Masters vs. Slides

PowerPoint 2001 - Editing

Adding & Positioning Text
Editing Text
Formatting Text
Color: Text and Schemes

PowerPoint 2001 - Layout

Introduction to Outlines
Line Spacing
Paragraph Spacing
Replace Fonts

PowerPoint 2001 - Special Items

Save As QuickTime Movie

PowerPoint 2001 - Printing

General Printing
Printing to the Web

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