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Microsoft MCTS (Exam 70-642) Tutorial

Achieving the Microsoft Server Administrator MCITP certification is a great way to prove your knowledge, skill level and stand out to employers. Earning a Microsoft Server Administrator MCITP certification requires you to pass three exams: MS 70-640 Configuring Active Directory, MS 70-642 Configuring Network Infrastructure and MS 70-646 Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator.

In this MCTS Exam 70-642 course, Microsoft Certified Trainer Mark Long covers the topics that will be on the exam. You will learn about TCP/IP Addressing and Subnetting, DHCP, IP Routing, DNS, File and Print Services and much more as Mark guides you through many of the steps so you can follow along. He also explains the technologies and points out a number of exam ëgotchasí to watch for, while directing you to more technical information for further study and preparation. Also included are work files, containing a TCP/IP Memorization Chart, Microsoft's WSUS Deployment Guide, a Step-By-Step Guide, as well as the WSUS 3.0 (SP2) installation file.


Course Overview
Microsoft Certifications
Server 2008 Server Administration MCITP
Getting Hands On
Exam Topics
Practice Exams

Configuring IP Addressing & Services - Addressing

TCP/IP Basics
IPv4 Address
Subnetting Basics
Determining Subnets pt. 1
Determining Subnets pt. 2
Variable Length Subnet Masks
Address Blocks
TCP/IP Configuration
IPv6 Addresses
IPv6 Address Types
IPv6 Transition Technologies
Alternate Configuration

Configuring IP Addressing & Services - DHCP

DHCP Basics
Adding DHCP Server Role pt. 1
Adding DHCP Server Role pt. 2
DHCP Options & Classes
Exclusions & Reservations

Configuring IP Addressing & Services - IP Routing

Routing Basics
Routing Protocols
Static Routing

Configuring IP Addressing & Services - IPSec

IPSec Basics
IPSec Policy
Connection Security Rules

Configuring Name Resolution - DNS

Name Resolution Basics
DNS Name Resolution
DNS Record Types
Active Directory Integration
DNS Replication
DNS Forwarding
Caching-Only DNS Server
Aging & Scavenging
Stub Zones
Global Names Zone

Configuring Network Access

Remote Access Basics
Network Policy Server
Authentication Choices
Adding Remote Access Role
Network Access Protection Basics
NAP Components
Configure NAP Health Policies
Firewall Basics
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security 7

Configuring File & Print Services

File Server Basics
Managing Disk Quotas
DFS Basics
DFS Replication
DFS Configuration pt. 1
DFS Configuration pt. 2
Shadow Copy Services Basics pt. 1
Shadow Copy Services Basics pt. 2
Backup Basics
Print Services Basics pt. 1
Print Services Basics pt. 2

Monitoring & Managing a Network Infrastructure

WSUS Basics
WSUS Configuration
Event Logs Basics
Event Forwarding
Reliability Monitor


Course Wrap-Up


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