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Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 Tutorial

This Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 training tutorial from VTC is ideal for anyone wanting to learn about the Internet and the ways you can view and use information from the World Wide Web. Jacqui Tapsall will introduce Internet Explorer to you, as well as searching and downloading from the web, off-line browsing, and more. You can begin immediately by clicking one of the subjects below.


Introduction to Internet Explorer 5.5
Web Browsers & Internet Explorer
What is the Internet?
What is the World Wide Web?
Introduction to E-mail
Introduction to Newsgroups
Internet Service Providers

Getting Started

Hardware & Software
Accessing the Internet Connection Wizard Tutorial
Setting Up an Internet Connection using the Wizard
Starting Internet Explorer
Dial Up Connection Box
Exiting Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Screen

Interface Features
Standard Button Toolbar
Links Bar
Radio Bar
Explorer Bar
Menu Bar
Status Bar

Web Basics

Web Sites and Web Pages
What is the Home Page?
Back and Forward Buttons
Stop and Refresh Buttons
Searching on the Web

Web Intermediate

Home Page Settings
Entering a URL in the Address Bar
Organizing Favorites
Temporary Internet Files
Importing Favorites
Exporting Favorites

Searching the Web

Search Assistant
Customizing the Search Assistant
Using the Address Bar to Search
Search Engines
Search Operators and Commands
Finding Search Engines
History List
History List Settings
Displaying the History List

Downloading from the Web

Downloading Files from the Web Overview
Saving Web Pages & Objects
Explorer Bar Folders
Printing Web Pages
Print Preview
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Privacy and Security on the Web

Privacy and Security Overview
Internet Explorer Security Options
Internet Explorer Security Settings
Content Advisor
Content Advisor Settings and Enabling
Shopping Safely Online
Sending Personal Information over the Web

Off-line Browsing

Off-line Browsing Overview
Making Web Pages Available Off-line
Working Off-line
Synchronizing Off-line Content

Customizing the Browser

Customizing the Toolbars
Viewing Web Pages Quicker
Customizing Web Pages

Internet Options


Internet Explorer Help

Internet Explorer Help Overview
Internet Explorer Help - Contents
Internet Explorer Help - Index
Internet Explorer Help - Search
Internet Explorer Help - Favorites
Tip of the Day
Online Support

Outlook Express

Outlook Express Overview
E-mail Addresses
Outlook Express Interface
Checking For Messages
Reading Messages
Composing an E-mail Message
Signature Block
Sending an Email Message
Replying to Messages
Forwarding Messages
Printing Messages
Saving Messages
Deleting Messages
Sending Attachments
Opening and Saving Attachments
Adding Contacts to the Address Book
Updating Contact Details
Creating a Mailing Group
Updating the Mailing Group


Newsgroups Overview
Adding a Newsgroup Account
Finding a Newsgroup
Subscribing to a Newsgroup
Canceling a Subscription to a Newsgroup
Synchronizing Newsgroup Messages
Reading Newsgroup Messages
Posting a Message to a Newsgroup
Replying to a Newsgroup Message
Canceling a Posted Message

MSN Messenger Service Basics

MSN Messenger Overview
Downloading and Installing
Setting Up MSN Messenger Service
Interface and Features
Adding Contacts
MSN Messenger Service Help

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