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Microsoft FrontPage 98 Tutorial

Microsoft FrontPage 98 is a web site creation and management tool that enables you to create attractive web sites. With FrontPage, you can easily set up, monitor, and update sites. In Virtual Training Company's tutorial you will learn how to create a professional looking web site with ease. Beginners and experienced users alike can benefit from this in-depth training. You will start out slowly, allowing you to learn the building blocks of FrontPage, before progressing to the next level. You will learn how to import and edit text, how to set up links to other web sites, and a web bot is, and much more. Gain the knowledge you need to create an incredible web site now by clicking one of the links below.



Text Control

First Page & Previewing
Importing Text
Selecting/Editing Text
Text Styles
Paragraph Styles
Bullets & Lists
Dynamic Text Effects
Find & Replace

Cascading Style Sheets

Explanation of Stylesheets
Inline Style Sheets
Embedded Styles
Linked Styles Sheets

Color & Images

Inserting Images
Missing Images
Image Composer Basics
Sizing/Image Properties
Image Effects
Horizontal Lines
Running Text Around Images
Background Images/Colors

Hypertext Links

Text and Image Links
Links to Other Websites
Email links & other types
Link to download a file
Bookmarks for long pages
Changing link Colors
Printing your web pages


Creating Frames/Framesets
Frame Properties
Frameset HTML
Frame Targets
No Frames


Basic Navigation Techniques
Navigation Bar
Shared Borders
Client Side Image Maps
Search Page


Starting a Form
Using Formatted Style
Scrolling Text Box/Tab Order
Check Boxes
Radio Buttons
Menu Choices
Sending Data from a Form
Confirmation Page


Creating a simple Table
Merging/Splitting Cells
Inserting/Deleting Cells
Table Properties
Cell Properties
Cell Span/Row Span
Distribution of Rows/Columns
Tables used in Forms

Web bots

What are they & Timestamp
Scheduled Image/Page Include
Insert HTML
Hit Counter
Commercial Webbots/JBots

Multimedia, ActiveX & More

Background Sound
GIF Animations
Inserting Movies
ActiveX and Active Movie
ActiveX - Calendar
VB Script for Active Movie
VB Script on a Button
Java Applets
Viewing Excel and Word Files
Plug-ins/PDF Files
Hover Button
Transition Effects


Banner Ad Manager
Creating Templates
Database Basics
Multiple Websites
Creating a Channel
Webservers and Testing

Getting Your Site Online

Checking Hyperlink Status
Uploading your site
Using FTP Software
IP Numbers & Domain Names
Advertise your site

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