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Microsoft FrontPage 2003 Tutorial

Microsoft FrontPage allows users to create sophisticated websites by providing professional design, authoring, data, and publishing tools. author, Kate Chase, covers basic website design, hyperlinks, working with text, and inserting multimedia elements with use of new layout and graphics tools. She explains dealing with tables, frames, and forms within site design. Also covered are enhanced publishing features and options that help get your Web pages online even faster. To being learning today, simply click on a link below.

Getting Acquainted

Introducing FrontPage 2003
Understanding Web Publishing
Why FrontPage 2003?
Taking the FrontPage 2003 Tour pt. 1
Taking the FrontPage 2003 Tour pt. 2
Noting the New Features

Preparing to Work

Doing Your Research
Planning Your Web Site
Deciding How and Where to Publish
About FrontPage Server Extensions
Finding a Web Presence Provider

Familiarizing Yourself With Web Design Basics

Anatomy of a Web Site
Qualities of a Great Web Site
Learning the Web Language: HTML
Borrowing from Other Site Designs
Considering Special Issues
Common Web Layout Styles
Using Templates vs. Designing from Scratch

Getting Started

A Few Tips
Loading FrontPage 2003
Importing an Existing Web Site
Your 5 Most Common Operations

Customize FrontPage

Customizing FrontPage
Customizing Your Menus
Customizing Your Toolbars
Adding and Deleting Folders
Changing Properties
Assigning a Task
Specifying Authoring Mode Settings
Customizing Your Web Reports
Using Speech Tools
Customizing Page Size

Creating a Basic Web

Creating an Empty Web
Start a One-Page Web
Build a Personal Web
Launch a Customer Support Web
Find Your Web Again Next Time
Creating a New Page
Drafting a New Page from Page Templates
Downloading Additional Templates
Applying a Theme
Basic Page Formatting
Experimenting with Safety

Working with Web Navigation

Understanding Web Site Navigation
Major Types of Site Navigation
Build and Modify Navigation Structure
Selecting Navigation Types
Creating a Link Bar
Building a Site Map

Adding Content Text to Your Site

Typing in Your Text
Copying Text into FrontPage
Cutting and Pasting
Inserting Special Symbols
Aligning Your Text
Choosing and Modifying Fonts and Font Styles
Highlight Your Text
Adding and Removing Numbering and Bullets
Change Indentation and Margins
Adjust Line Spacing

Working with Style Sheets

What Style Sheets Do
Types of Style Sheets
Additional Need to Know Issues
Creating a Style Sheet
Applying and Using a Style Sheet

Adding Graphics

Knowing Types of Web Graphics
Issues with Graphics Size and Volume
Copying Graphics from Other Sources
Using Clip Art and Clip Organizer
Downloading from Design Gallery Live
Converting Graphics Types
Adding Graphics
Modifying Graphics
Using a Graphic as a Background
Adding Text to a Blank Graphic Area

Adding Drawings/Pictures/AutoShapes

About Additional Artwork
Inserting AutoShapes
Modifying AutoShapes
Adding a Text Box to AutoShapes
Adding Freehand Drawings
Working with WordArt
Acquiring Pictures from Scanners/Cameras
Inserting Pictures
Modifying Picture Properties
Adding 3-D Effects
Add Text Descriptions
Creating a Photo Gallery

Adding Hyperlinks to Your Site

Understanding Hyperlinks
Creating a Hyperlink
Verifying a Hyperlink
Changing or Removing a Hyperlink
Inserting an Email Link
Customizing Link Appearance
Applying to Text or Images
Recalculating and Fixing
Adding Bookmarks

Inserting Web Components

About FrontPage Web Components
Inserting a Web Search
Using Spreadsheets and Charts
Adding a Hit Counter
Building a Table of Contents
Inserting an Expedia Map
Including a Weather Report

Creating Forms

Understanding Web Forms
Collecting Needed Data
Using Forms Wizard
Designing a Form from Scratch
Editing a Form and Form Properties

Using Layers for Layout

Appreciating What Layers Do
Drawing Your Layers
Positioning Your Layers
Customizing Layers
Removing a Layer

Building Tables for Layout

How Tables are Used
Special Challenges They Present
Adding Tables
Drawing Tables
Inserting Text and Images
Using AutoFit and Other Tools
Changing Table Layout
Modifying Cell and Table Properties
Removing Tables and More

Constructing Frames for Layout

Understanding Use of Frames
Types of Frames
Special Challenges
Enable/Disable Frames
Choosing a Frame Type
Setting up the Pages
Adjust and Edit Frames
Removing Frames

Collaborating with FrontPage

Features and Issues with Collaboration
Adding Comments
Building a Discussion Web
Managing Tasks
Develop Your Own Templates

Publishing Your Finished Web

Review and Triple-Check
Modify Settings
Publish via Automated Publishing
Publish Through FTP

Updating and Maintaining Your Web Site

Keep a List
Spotting Obvious Problems
Prevent that Outdated Look
Edit and Republish

About SharePoint Team Webs

Introducing SharePoint Team Services
What Differentiates SharePoint
Special Issues with SharePoint
Setting Up a SharePoint Team Web

Installing FrontPage

FrontPage Operational Requirements
Install FrontPage
Troubleshoot Your Installation

Finding Assistance with FrontPage

Ask a Question
Notice Screen Tips
Seek Assistance Online


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