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Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Tutorial

Microsoft FrontPage 2002 is a web site creation and management tool that enables you to create attractive web sites. With FrontPage 2002, you can easily set up, monitor, and update sites. In Virtual Training Company's tutorial, author Linda Young teaches you how to create a professional looking web site with ease. Beginners and experienced users alike can benefit from her in-depth training. She starts out slowly, allowing you to learn the building blocks of FrontPage 2002, before taking to the next level. You will learn how to add hyperlinks, how to construct tables, site management, and much more. Gain the knowledge you need to create an incredible web site now by clicking one of the links below.

Getting Acquainted

Introducing FrontPage
Web Publishing Overview
Express Tour: Part 1
Express Tour: Part 2
Whats New
SharePoint Web Team

Web Design Basics

Getting Started
Planning Your Site
Publishing Options
Selecting Location
Learning About HTML
Using Templates

Getting Started

Learning Overview
Launching FrontPage
Create One Page Web
Create New Page
Web Page Templates
Download Templates
Open Web Page
Import Files & Folders
Import Web Files

Formatting A Page

Adding Text
Formatting Text
Cut and Paste
Pasting Options
Adjusting Text
Undo & Redo
Highlighting Text
Add a Graphic
Save Graphics
Bullets & Numbers
Insert Symbols
Paragraph Alignment

Spelling and Grammar

Check Your Spelling
Automatic Spell Check
Find Text in Page
Find Text on Web

Working With Themes

About Themes
Apply a Theme
Adjust Properties
Alter Color
Revise Graphic
Modify Text

Customize Workspace

Customize Views
Working with Folders
Create New Folders
Customize Reports
Customize Hyperlinks
Assign a Task
Activate Toolbars
Add Commands
Customize Toolbars
More Options

Constructing Hyperlinks

How They Work
Text vs. Pictures
Constructing Links
Selecting Link Color
Inserting E-mail link
Verifying Hyperlinks
Fixing Broken Links
Modifying Links
Creating Bookmarks
Following Bookmarks
Recalculating Links

Working with Graphics

Web Graphics
Finding Graphics
Clip Art Organizer
Add Graphics
Insert Web Graphics
Ease Download Time
Rework Graphics
Convert Graphics

Photo Gallery

About Photo Gallery
Transfer Photos
Create Gallery: Part 1
Create Gallery: Part 2
Edit Photos
Preview Gallery

Image Maps

Setting Properties
Editing Image Map
More Options

Shapes, Pictures & Drawings

Insert AutoShapes
Edit AutoShapes
Draw Freehand
Insert WordArt
Edit WordArt
Work with Pictures
DHTML Effects
3-D Effects

Web Components

How they Work
Hover Buttons
Create a Marquee
Add Search Button
Insert Hit Counter
Include Live Content
More Live Content
MSN Components
Insert Expedia Map
BCentral Features
Time and Date
Include Comments
Additional Components

Constructing Tables

How They Work
Adding Tables
Drawing Tables
Converting Text
Set Properties
Set Background
Set Cell Properties
Add Rows & Columns
Entering Text
AutoFit Content
Add Table Caption
Add Headers
Spilt Tables
Auto Format
Delete Tables

Constructing Frames

Anatomy of a Frames Page
Check Your Browser
Constructing Frames
Preview and Save
Edit Frames
Adjusting Frames
Target Frames
Spilt Frames
Delete Frames
Inline Frames

Designing Forms

Getting Started
Collecting Information
Forms Wizard: Part 1
Forms Wizard: Part 2
Edit Form
Create Custom Form
Design Own Form
Add Elements
Add More Elements
Add Buttons
Form Properties

Specialized Web Sites

Building a Web
Select Template
The Wizard: Part 1
The Wizard: Part 2
View Reports
Navigation Structure

Publishing Your Site

Test and Review
Check Web Settings
Publish to HTTP
Publish to FTTP
Limitations of FTTP

Installation Guide

System Requirements
Install FrontPage
Install Explorer: Part 1
Install Explorer: Part 2

Getting Help

Ask A Question
Office Assistant
Help Sections
Print Help Topic
Screen Tips

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