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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: Administration Tutorial

The inbox of just a few years ago has now evolved into a technology bin. Mail messages, voice mail and other communications are part of how we live and do business. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is a flexible and reliable messaging platform that can help you lower your messaging costs by 50-80% while increasing productivity with anywhere access to business communications. An effective, efficient Exchange 2010 administrator requires not only technical knowledge, but strong experience as well. In this course, Microsoft Certified Trainer Mark Long covers the basics of Exchange 2010 administration and helps you understand the new functions and improvements that Exchange 2010 offers. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Course Overview
What's New?
Exchange 2010 Design Goals
What's Almost Gone?
What's Gone?
Exchange History pt. 1
Exchange History pt. 2

Exchange Administration Basics

A Technology Inbox
Access Methods
Architectural Overview
Active Directory Overview
Active Directory & Exchange
Exchange On/Off Premises

Administrative Tools

Exchange 2010 Administration
Exchange Management Console
Custom MMC Console
Exchange Management Shell
PowerShell Basics
PowerShell Examples

Exchange Mailbox Databases

Exchange 2010 Data Storage
Database File Types pt. 1
Database File Types pt. 2
Mailbox Storage
How Many Databases?
Email Archiving
Disks & Databases

Recipient Administration

Recipient Administration
Recipient Types
Mailbox Settings
Mailbox Settings Demo
Address Policies
Moving Mailboxes
Resource Mailboxes
Resource Mailbox Demo
Migrating Resource Mailboxes
Exchange AutoDiscover pt. 1
Exchange AutoDiscover pt. 2
Address Lists pt. 1
Address Lists pt. 2

Managing Mailboxes

Mailbox Types
Creating & Deleting Mailboxes
Managing Mailbox Permissions
MailTips Demo
Exchange Control Panel
Exchange Control Panel Demo
Role Based Access Control
RBAC Animation
Built-In Management Role Groups

High Availability

Database Availability Groups pt. 1
Database Availability Groups pt. 2
Exchange 2010 Backup Planning pt. 1
Exchange 2010 Backup Planning pt. 2
Backing Up Exchange 2010
Recovering Exchange 2010
Windows Server Backup


Course Wrap-Up


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