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Microsoft Exchange 2007 Tutorial

For most businesses, e-mail is the most crucial communications tool. Microsoft Exchange 2007 provides new features and architecture to provide more than just e-mail functionality. Exchange 2007 includes a new architecture designed to address the requirements of business communication in the Internet age along with the need for information collaboration. In this course, Mark Long introduces you to the latest version of Microsoft's Exchange product and shows you how to take advantage of many of the new features and architecture to provide scalable, secure communication within your organization. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links


Course Overview
History of Exchange
Exchange Versions
System Requirements
Exchange & Windows Server 2008
What's New in 2007

Active Directory & Exchange

Active Directory & Exchange pt. 1
Active Directory & Exchange pt. 2
Active Directory Interaction
Exchange Server Roles pt. 1
Exchange Server Roles pt. 2
Exchange Server Roles pt. 3
Exchange & Sites

Exploring Server Roles

Why Server Roles?
Server Roles Diagram
Mailbox Server Overview
Client Access Server Overview
Hub Transport Server Overview
Edge Transport Server Overview
Unified Messaging Server Overview
Deployment Scenarios

Installing Exchange

Infrastructure Requirements
Active Directory Preparation
Installation Process
Installing Exchange 2007 pt. 1
Installing Exchange 2007 pt. 2
Installing Exchange 2007 pt. 3
Installing Exchange 2007 pt. 4
Installing Exchange 2007 pt. 5
Windows Services
Troubleshooting Installations
Additional Software
Securing the Installation
Completing the Installation

Administration Tools

Exchange Management Console
Exchange Management Shell
Windows PowerShell

Exchange Mailbox Servers

Post-Installation Tasks
Data Storage in Exchange 2007
Storage Groups pt. 1
Storage Groups pt. 2
Data Storage Options pt. 1
Data Storage Options pt. 2
Public Folders in Exchange 2007
Managing Public Folders
Public Folder Replication
The SharePoint Solution

Managing Recipients

Exchange Recipients
Creating & Deleting Mailboxes
Mailbox Config Options
Moving Mailboxes
Distribution Groups
Dynamic Distribution Groups

Email Addresses & Lists

Address Policies
Address Lists
Creating Address Lists

Client Access Servers

Client Access Overview
Authentication Options
What is Outlook Anywhere?
What's New in Calendaring?

Message Transport in Exchange

Overview of Message Flow
SMTP Connectors
Message Transport Components

High Availability

High Availability Options
Local Continuous Replication
Cluster Continuous Replication
Standby Continuous Replication
Single Copy Cluster

Backup & Restore

Backup Strategies
Volume Shadow Copy Service
What to Back Up
Retoration Strategies

Maintaining Exchange 2007

Exchange Documentation
Monitoring Exchange

Course Wrap Up

Wrap Up


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