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Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorial

VTC's Microsoft Excel course is intended for users of all levels. Whether you are working on a simple spreadsheet or a complex analysis, it’s all covered. Learn how to master the wide array of tools contained in Excel with efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. This course will help students master the art of spreadsheet design. You will learn formulas and functions, along with the database-oriented features such as pivot tables and filters. Learn about the new features of Excel 2010 and tips to increase the readability of your spreadsheets. Although taught using Excel 2010, this course is appropriate for all versions of Excel. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Welcome to Excel

Course Objectives

Menus / Shortcuts / Commands

Touring the Excel Screen
Understanding the Backbone of File Management
Compatibility with Earlier Versions

Getting Started

Starting Excel
Multiple Methods for Tasks
Moving Around

Customizing Your Screen

Customizing the Ribbon
Quick Access Bar
Quick View of Shortcuts

Building a Framework

Creating a New Spreadsheet
Table Features
Saving / Sending / Publishing

Editing Techniques

Home Ribbon pt. 1
Home Ribbon pt. 2
Adjusting Columns and Rows
AutoCorrect and Spell Check

Manipulating Data

Finding and Replacing Data
Using AutoFill
Customizing AutoFill

Adding Special Effects

SmartArt pt. 1
SmartArt pt. 2
Shapes and Pictures

Using Different View

Using Excel Options
Options Continued
The View Menu
Splitting the Screen
Arranging Multiple Workbooks

Visualizing Worksheets

Conditional Formatting
Setting Rules for Conditions
Rules Continued
Alignment and Text Customization
More Customization

Protecting Your Work

Hiding Cells and Worksheets
Selecting Visible Cells
Validation Messages
Validating Dates
The Trust Center

Linking with Paste Special

Using Paste Special
Linking Data between Worksheets
Linking with Multiple Workbooks
Linking to Other Applications
Linking with a Formula


The Page Layout Menu
Headers and Footer
Print Headings on All Pages
Wrapping Up the Page Layout Menu


Using Templates
Creating a Custom Template
Working with Comments
Creating Hyperlinks

Cell References

Understanding Addressing
Absolute vs. Relative

Introducing Formulas

The Formula Menu
The Basics: Order of Operations
Calculating Totals with AutoSum
Printing vs. Viewing Calculations
Basic Formula Examples
Insert Function

Advance Formulas and Functions

Functions vs. Formulas
Creating Formulas (Countif)
Creating Formulas with Names (Countif)
The IF Statement
Conditional Statement Examples
Formulas Manipulating Text
Formula and Function Errors

Working with Tables

Working with Excel Tables
Understanding Limitations and Compatibility
Calculating Table Data Totals

Sorting and Filtering

Sorting Data
Using the Filter Tool
Applying Advanced Filters
Working with Subtotals
Subtotals Continued

Charts and Graphics

Creating a Chart
The Design and Format Ribbons
The Layout Ribbon
More Editing Techniques
Moving Charts
Combination Charts

Creating a Specialty Chart

Understanding Dialog Box Terminology
Single Point Chart
Detailing the Chart
Recapping Wizards

Spicing Up Your Spreadsheets

The Insert Menu
Working with Graphics
The Need for Color

Adding Objects

Creating and Formatting AutoShapes
Adding Photos and Shapes
Move / Copy / Resize Graphics

Excel Integration

Working with Word
Excel and Other Office Applications pt. 1
Excel and Other Office Applications pt. 2
Creating PDF Files

Working with Pivot Tables

What is a Pivot Table?
Formatting Pivots
More Formatting
Pivot Charts

Working with Databases

Flat vs. Relational Database
Working with External Data
What is a Query?

Automation and Macros

Automating Routines
Creating a Macro
More Macros
Macros from Buttons
More Buttons

New Features for Your Work

Using Comments
Graphs in Comments
Slicers in Pivots

Final Tips

Using Help
Help and Formulas
Work Files


Wrap Up


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