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Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorial

Though Microsoft Excel has been around for many years, Excel 2007 has an entirely new look and feel. Many new features have been added to improve productivity and workflow. In this in-depth VTC course, author Cheryl Brumbaugh-Duncan explores using Excel to create, manage, and analyze spreadsheet data. Users will learn to develop all the necessary worksheets and workbooks for financial and informational data, for a company that distributes healthy snacks to companies throughout a city. The course steps the participant through the various topics and skills needed to master Excel 2007 and provides a fun project for applying the new knowledge. Work Files are included. To get started learning Microsoft Excel 2007, click on one of the movie links below.

Introduction to Excel 2007

Welcome to Excel 2007
Overview of Spreadsheets and Excel 2007
Overview of Course
New in Excel 2007 pt. 1
New in Excel 2007 pt. 2
Understanding the Excel 2007 Workspace
Introducing the New Excel 2007 Ribbon
Using the Quick Access Toolbar
Compatibility with Earlier Versions

Installing Excel 2007

Considerations Before You Install
Installing Excel

Microsoft Excel 2007 He|p

Accessing Microsoft Excel 2007 He|p
Using Excel 2007 He|p
Using Microsoft Office On-line
Accessing the Support Knowledge Base

Working with Worksheets and Workbooks

Launching Excel
Planning a Project
Creating a New Workbook
Adding and Deleting Data
Importing Data into Excel
Naming and Saving a Workbook
Managing Multiple Worksheets
Printing a Worksheet pt. 1
Printing a Worksheet pt. 2
Opening and Closing a Workbook
Renaming and Deleting a Workbook

Editing Techniques

Selecting Cells / Rows / Columns
Cut / Copy / Paste
Copy and Paste Special
Editing or Replacing Content in a Cell
Undo / Redo / Repeat Edits
Adjusting Row Height
Adjusting Column Width
Inserting and Deleting Rows / Columns / Cells
Merging and Splitting Cells
Clearing a Cell
Finding and Replacing Data
Using AutoFill

Customizing Excel 2007

Customizing the Excel Workspace
Splitting the Screen
Freezing and Locking Cells
Hiding and Showing Rows / Columns / Sheets
Using Different Views
Arranging Multiple Workbooks
Displaying Gridlines and Headings
Setting a Trusted Location
Using Excel Options

Changing the Appearance of a Worksheet

Formatting Options in the Ribbon
Formatting Text
Formatting Numbers
Adding Borders
Adding Fill Colors and Patterns
Using the Format Painter
Using Cell Styles
Using Document Themes
Using Wrap Text
Setting Page Layout Options
Adding Headers and Footers
Setting Page Breaks
Using Templates
Using Conditional Formatting

Working with Formulas

Using Formulas
Formula Writing Made Easy
Creating Simple Formulas
Order of Operations
Creating Formulas with Operators and Cell References
Understanding Cell References
Calculating Totals with AutoSum
Common Functions
Creating Formulas with Functions
Creating Formulas with Nested Functions
Creating and Managing Names
Creating Formulas with Names
Displaying and Printing Formulas
Error Checking
Common Errors When Creating Formulas

Managing Data

Overview of Excel Data Handling Tools
Creating an Excel Table
Sorting an Excel Table
Filtering an Excel Table
Formatting Excel Table Data
Working with Excel Table Rows and Columns
Displaying and Calculating Table Data Totals
Using Structured References
Validating Data
Linking Data Between Worksheets
Linking Data Between Multiple Workbooks
Exporting Data

Charts and Graphics

Overview of Charts and Excel
Understanding Chart Types
Creating a Chart
Changing the Chart Type of an Existing Chart
Moving and Deleting a Chart
Changing the Charted Data
Editing Charts
Formatting a Chart - Design Tab
Formatting a Chart - Layout Tab
Formatting a Chart - Format Tab
Creating a Chart Template
Applying a Chart Template
Importing Graphics into Excel
Modifying Imported Images

Excel 2007 Plays Well with Others

Overview of Sharing and Collaborating
Excel and Other Office Applications
Using the Office Clipboard
Creating PDF Files
Opening and Saving Files in Other Formats
Excel and Databases
Using Queries
Using with a Document Management Server
Publishing an Excel Worksheet
Excel XML Files
Wrap Up


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