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Microsoft Excel 2003 for Statistics Tutorial

Microsoft Excel is the world's best-selling mathematical application, one that is installed on nearly every business computer out there. Although not a statistical application, Excel can perform many basic statistical tasks, from computing simple descriptive statistics such as mean and standard deviation, to complex regression analyses, chi-squared and t tests, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVAs). Join Mark and Beth Clarkson as they introduce you to the basics of statistics, statistical analysis, and statistical graphing with Microsoft Excel. Each step along the way is illustrated with real-world situations. You can start learning right now by clicking one of the movie topics below.


Instructors & Overview of Course
Values & Variables - Important Terms

Data Validation

Preparing to Enter Data
Number / Date / Custom Error Messages
Validating List Data
Using Custom Warnings

Statistical Distributions

Terms & Concepts
The Normal Distribution
The Binomial Distribution pt. 1
The Binomial Distribution pt. 2
The Poisson Distribution

Generating Random Data

Patterns / Dates / Uniform Distribution
Binary / Bernoulli / Normal Distribution
Poisson & Custom Distributions


Probability Terms & Definitions pt. 1
Probability Terms & Definitions pt. 2
The Laws of Probability
Computing Independent Probabilities pt. 1
Computing Independent Probabilities pt. 2
Computing Dependent Probabilities
Selecting a Random Sample: Set Up
Selecting a Random Sample: Execution
Sampling from a List pt. 1
Sampling from a List pt. 2
Sampling an Existing Database pt. 1
Sampling an Existing Database pt. 2
Adding Data to an Existing Database

Descriptive Statistics

The Default Histogram
Improving the Histogram with Custom Bins
Creating Descriptive Statistics
Using Inline Functions
A Histogram of 2006 Restaurant Bills
Unconfounding The Data pt. 1
Unconfounding The Data pt. 2
The Pareto Chart pt. 1
The Pareto Chart pt. 2

Computing Probabilities w/ Distributions

Using the Binomial pt. 1
Using the Binomial pt. 2
Using Compliments
Using the Poisson
Building a Histogram
When to Use the Normal Distribution
Computing Probabilities with Normdist()
Norminv() / Normal vs. Poisson


Relationships in Anscombe's Data
The Types of Graphs in Excel
Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
Scatter Diagrams
Pivot Tables with Multiple Variables
Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts pt. 1
Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts pt. 2
Chi-Squared: Getting Ready
Chi-Squared: How Chi-Squared Works
Chi-Squared: Expected Values
Chi-Squared: Computing Expected Values
Chi-Squared: Summarizing the Data
A 2nd Chi-Squared Test pt. 1
A 2nd Chi-Squared Test pt. 2
Finishing Our 2nd Chi-Squared Test
Intro to Correlation
Your First Correlation In Date & Bill
Computing More Correlations

Graphical analysis

Improving Our Histogram
Reformatting Our Scatter Chart
Formatting Axes & Finishing Touches
Other Chart Options
Graphing Multiple Variables
Multiple Variables: The Plot Area
Multiple Variables: Lines & Ordering
Multiple Variables: Axes & Titles

Inferential Statistics - Regression

The Trend Line
R-Squared & the Regression Equation
Regression: R-Squared & Significance
Coefficients & Residuals
Residual & Line Fit Plots
Making Predictions
Identifying Data Sets for Regression
The Pivot Table pt. 1
The Pivot Table pt. 2
Regression by Total Bill
Regression by Average Bill pt. 1
Regression by Average Bill pt. 2
Regression by Type
Banquet Estimates
Estimating Our Error
Buffet Estimates

Inferential Statistics in ANOVA

t-Test: Setting Up the t-Test
t-Test: Consulting Our Pivot Table
t-Test: Running the t-Test
t-Test: Interpreting the Results
ANOVA: Introduction
ANOVA: Preparing the Data
ANOVA: Running ANOVA & Checking Variances
ANOVA: Interpreting the Results
ANOVA: Understanding the Statistics
Graphing the Confidence Intervals
Computing the Confidence Intervals

Wrap-up & Review

Data Classes / Validation / Distributions
Generating Data & Probability Concepts
Histograms & Descriptive Statistics
Pivot Tables / Chi-Squared / Correlation
Improving Graphs & Linear Regression
t-Test & ANOVA


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