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Microsoft Excel 2003 Tutorial

Excel 2003 enables you to turn data into information with powerful tools to analyze, communicate, and share results. Excel 2003 can help you work better in teams, and help protect and control access to your work. In addition, you can work with industry-standard Extensible Markup Language (XML) data to make it easier to connect to business processes. Author Kate J. Chase's extensive knowledge of Excel 2003 will have you using it like a pro by the end of the tutorial. From simple spreadsheets to complex databases, it is all covered in VTC's Microsoft Excel 2003 tutorial. To begin learning today, simply click on the links below.

Introduction To Excel 2003

First Glance at Excel 2003
Why Choose Excel 2003?
About Spreadsheets
Touring Excel – Pt.1
Touring Excel – Pt.2
Features New to Excel 2003

Installing Excel 2003

Recommendations Before You Install
Minimum System Requirements
Using Excel Setup
Troubleshooting Excel 2003 Installation
Performance Issues with Excel 2003

Getting Assistance With Excel 2003

Ways to Increase Your Aptitude
Exploring the Assistance Menu
Type a Question for Assistance
Using Microsoft Office Online

Excel 2003 Basic Concepts

Worksheets and Workbooks
Differences Between Text & Data Values
Labels and Names
More About Labels
More about Cells and Cell Ranges
About Mathematical Operators & Operands
About Formulas & Calculations
The Role of Functions
Types of Charts
Forms/Including Data Forms
The Job of Queries
What are Workbook Audits
Importing and Exporting
Linking and Embedding
Absolute vs Relative Cell References
What About Smart Tags?
What is XML?
Locking/Freezing Cells/Splitting Work Area
About Excel Security

First Hands On In Excel

Launching Excel 2003
Planning Your Worksheet or Workbook
Labeling & Naming Worksheet/Workbook
A Look at Our Example Layout
Naming and Saving Your Workbook
Renaming and Deleting a Workbook
Printing Your Workbook
Double Check Workbook & Exit
Opening an Existing Workbook

Customizing Excel 2003

About Excel Customization
Customizing Excel Menu Bar
Customizing Excel Toolbars
Changing Page Setup
Modifying Default Location of Saved Work
Setting Up Options – Pt.1
Setting Up Options – Pt.2

Entering Your Information

About Entering Your Information
Entering Labels and Values
More About Multiple Entries
Understanding Multiple Selections
Inserting/Deleting Rows & Columns
Copying & Pasting Columns/Rows & Cells
Moving Columns/Rows & Cells
Adding a Smart Tag
Editing Your Work

Formatting Your Work

Introduction to Formatting
Formatting Text & Data Pt.1
Formatting Text & Data Pt.2
Using AutoFormat
Changing AutoFormat Options
Adding Colors and Patterns
Adding Borders
What is Conditional Formatting?
Applying Conditional Formatting
Copying Cell Formatting
About Styles
Creating a Style
Applying and Modifying a Style

Adding Elements To A Workbook

Introduction to Adding Elements
Adding Images to a Workbook
Modifying Images Inserted in Workbook
Adding Clips
Diagramming in Excel
Adding an Organizational Chart
Changing an Organizational Chart
Adding WordArt
Adding a Hyperlink
Inserting Objects Such as AutoShapes

Calculation With Formulas and Functions

About Formulas and Calculation
Creating a Formula – Pt.1
Creating a Formula – Pt.2
Spotting Problems & Editing a Formula
More About Functions

Managing Data With Excel

Use it or Lose it
Using Forms/Particularly Data Forms
Entering Data Using a Data Form
Managing Data from a Data Form
About Using Excel as a Database
What are Lists?
Creating a List
Entering Data into a List
Sorting Data in a List
Using Filters to Sort Lists
Auditing Excel Data
Other Validation and Error Checking
More About Validation for Data Entry
Performing Queries
Exporting Data from Excel
Linking Data Pt.1
Linking Data Pt.2

Working With Charts

About Charts
Creating Your Chart
Modifying & Relocating Your Chart
Other Changes to Your Chart

Sharing & Collaborating With Excel 2003

Sharing Your Worksheet or Workbook
Sending Your Workbook for Review
Using Online Collaboration
Protecting Your Workbook
Change Different Versions of a Workbook
Adding/Editing/Deleting Comments
Creating & Sharing a Workbook Template


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