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Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) Tutorial

Microsoft Office is the foundation of most business computer systems; understanding its power and utilizing its productivity is crucial in today’s environment. The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) certification is a series of performance-based exams of the Microsoft Office Suite. The exams focus on the use of these programs in a "real world" enviroment: Microsoft Office Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Access 2007, Outlook 2007, and Windows Vista. Acquiring MCAS Certification places a candidate above the rest when searching for new positions and advancement opportunities. This course prepares you for MCAS exams 77-600 through 77-605 by teaching the skills you need to master in each of the programs to achieve the highest standards of performance and efficiency. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


MCAS Certification
Getting Started
Understanding IRM
Using the Work Files

Windows Vista Exam (77-600)

Manage Windows Firewall
Internet Explorer Security
Securing User Accounts

Remote Computing

Network Terminology
Network Connections
Collaboration with Meeting Space
Managing Remote Access

Customizing Devices

Devices & Drivers
Personalize Display Settings/Appearance
Personalize Other Settings
Start Menu/Taskbar/Notification Area

Files & Folders

Windows Explorer
Manage & Secure Folders
Advanced Searching
Sharing Files
77-600 Review Questions

Word 2007 Exam (77-601)

Create & Customize Documents
Page Layout: Personalization
Page Layout: Columns/Arrange/Headers/Footers

Visual Content

Illustrations: Pictures & Shapes
Illustrations: SmartArt Diagrams
Format Text Graphically
Insert & Modify Text Boxes

Organizing Content

Structure Content by Using Quick Parts
Tables & Lists
Margins & Tabs
References & Captions

Reviewing Documents

Navigating Your Documents
Tracking Changes & Comments
Compare & Combine Documents

Sharing & Collaboration

Prepare Documents for Sharing
Access & Security
Permissions/Information Rights Manager
77-601 Review Questions

Excel 2007 Exam (77-602)

Manipulating Data pt. 1
Manipulating Data pt. 2
Data Validation & Integrity
Using Auto-fill
Themes & Styles

Formulas & Functions

Reference Data in Formulas
Working with Formulas
Summarize Data with Functions
Conditional Logic (IF Statements)

Presenting Data Visually

Conditional Formatting
Create & Format Charts
Charting Continued
Sort & Filter
Outlining & Subtotals

Collaborating & Securing Data

Track Changes
Preparing for Distribution
Print Options

Advanced Features

External Data
Saving & File Formats
77-602 Review Questions

PowerPoint 2007 Exam (77-603)

PowerPoint Views
New Presentations
Using Masters
Elements & Arrangements

Slide Content

Insert & Format Text Boxes
Manipulate Text
Linking Content

Working with Visual Content

SmartArt Diagrams
Picture Styles
Formatting Pictures
Shapes & Other Techniques
Charts & Tables

Collaborating & Delivering Presentations

Review Presentations
Secure & Share Presentations
Printing Presentations
Timing & Rehearsal


Applying Animation to Text
Applying Animation to SmartArt
Working with Transitions
77-603 Review Questions

Outlook 2007 Exam (77-604)

Outlook Today & Mail
Security & Digital Signatures


Appointments & Events
Meetings & Recurring Items
Calendar Settings
Sharing Calendar


Task Terminology
Create/Modify/Complete Tasks
Assign/Update/Respond to Tasks

Contact Information

Terminology: Books/Lists/Folders
Create & Modify Contacts
Working with Business Cards
Creating a Distribution List

Organizing Information

Customizing Views
Using Instant Search
Folders & Junk Mail
Rules to Organize Messages
77-604 Review Questions

Access 2007 Exam (77-605)

Database Design: Data Needs & Types
Primary Keys
Table Relationships
Split Databases

Database Elements

Getting Started
Security Settings
Tables & Fields
Creating Forms
Forms Continued
Using Reports
Designing Reports

Advanced Features

Navigation Pane
View Relationship
Import Files
Export Tables/Queries
Pivot Charts & Tables


Create Queries
Modify Queries
Macros & Coding

Managing Databases

Print Database Objects
Splitting a Database
Database Administration
77-605 Review Questions


Tips for Taking the Exam
Exam Objectives & Questions
About the Author

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