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Microsoft Access 2010 Tutorial

As part of the release of the Office 2010 software suite, Microsoft is introducing the latest version of Access, their entry-level database application software. Don't let the words 'entry-level' fool you, this is one very powerful database tool. Access was designed to collect, store, manage, report, and dissect data for individuals and small businesses. The release of the 2010 version continues to raise the bar of what an entry-level database product can do. In this course, Mark Long takes you from opening Access 2010 for the first time through the entire process of creating a database. He covers tables, queries, forms, reports, and many of the other bells and whistles that make up Access 2010. Click the movie links below to get started now!


Course Objectives
Course Structure
What is Access?
New in 2010

Database Basics

What is a Database?
Database Types
Database Objects
Data Types
Primary Key

Database Design Basics

What is Normalization?
Normalization Benefits
Understanding Relationships
Relationship Types pt. 1
Relationship Types pt. 2
Relationship Types pt. 3
Understanding Integrity

Access 2010 Basics

What Can I Do with Access?
Access Database Objects
Opening Access 2010
Creating a Database
Getting Around in Access
Where to Really Start

Working with Tables

Creating Our Database
Quick Access Toolbar Shortcut
Datasheet or Design?
Access Data Types
Field Size Settings
Date/Time Formats
Custom Date/Time Formats
Creating Our Tables
Required Fields
Deleting Rows
Input Masks
Setting the Field Size
Default Values
Allow Zero Length
Renaming Fields & Tables
Editing a Table
Data Validation
Adding an Index
Deleting a Table
Using Caption
Using the Data Documenter


Determining Relationships
Creating a Relationship
Relationship Options
Relationship Reports

Working with Datasheet View

Using Auto Numbering
Adding Data to the Table
Using Data Lookups
Datasheet View Basics
Replacing Values
Datasheet Formatting
Filter By Form
Freezing & Thawing

Accessing Your Data

Query Basics
Access & SQL
Access 2010 Query Types
Using the Query Wizard
Using the Query Design View
Writing Queries in SQL
Total Queries
Make Table Queries
Action Queries
Crosstab Queries
Union Queries
Top Queries
Multi-Table Queries
Understanding Query Joins
Distinct Queries

Data Forms

Access 2010 Forms
Why Use Forms?
Using AutoForm
Using the Form Wizard
Starting from Scratch
Layout or Design View?
Form Controls
Adding Controls
Using the Control Wizard
Control Properties
Using Combo Boxes pt. 1
Using Combo Boxes pt. 2
Navigation Form
Setting the Tab Order
Creating a Pop-up Form pt. 1
Creating a Pop-up Form pt. 2

Access 2010 Reports

Report Basics
Report Types
Reports the Easy Way
Reports the Wizard Way
Reports the Real Way
Finding the Data
Basic Report Design
Sorting & Grouping Data
Report Headers
Group & Sum Totals
Using Expressions
Report Cosmetics pt. 1
Report Cosmetics pt. 2
Report Cosmetics pt. 3

External Data

You Need It Where?
Exporting Data
Importing Data
Linking to Data
Linking Issues

Multi-user Access Applications

Multi-User Application Basics
Network Performance Issues
Splitting the Database
Pass-Through Queries
Database Locking

More Cool Access Stuff

Copying Tables
Access Analyzer Tools
Database Backups
Pivot Tables & Charts
Intro to Macros & Events
Intro to VBA


Course Wrap Up


About the Author

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