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Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorial

Microsoft Access 2007 helps you effectively track, report, and share information in a manageable environment. With a library of pre-built tracking applications (database solutions) and the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, Access 2007 does not require deep database knowledge or programming skills. In this VTC course, Author / IT Instructor, Tim Warner introduces users to database design concepts while assisting them in becoming proficient with building and maintaining an Access 2007 database. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Microsoft Access 2007 links.

Introducing Access 2007

Course Introduction
What is Microsoft Access?
About Relational Databases
Access and SQL Server
Getting He|p pt. 1
Getting He|p pt. 2
Staying Up-to-Date

Exploring Access 2007

Using the Getting Started Window
Introducing the Ribbon
Using the Navigation Pane
Opening and Closing Databases
Managing Macro Security
Exploring Tables
Exploring Queries
Exploring Forms
Exploring Reports
Exploring Macros
Exploring Modules

Creating a Database

Creating a Database from a Template
Creating a Database from Scratch
Creating a Table from a Template
Creating a Table from Scratch
Using Fields and Data Types pt. 1
Using Fields and Data Types pt. 2
Setting Table Properties
Working in Datasheet View pt. 1
Working in Datasheet View pt. 2

Importing Data

Leveraging Data Import
Importing from Text pt. 1
Importing from Text pt. 2
Importing from Excel
Importing from XML
Importing from Outlook
Importing from Access

Exporting Data

Exporting to Text
Exporting to Excel
Exporting to XML
Exporting to Word
Exporting to Access

Modifying Table Design

Renaming Tables
Dropping Tables
Managing Fields pt. 1
Managing Fields pt. 2
Managing Fields pt. 3
Using Undo and Redo
Changing the Primary Key pt. 1
Changing the Primary Key pt. 2
Setting Table Relationships pt. 1
Setting Table Relationships pt. 2
Setting Table Relationships pt. 3
Using the Table Analyzer Wizard

Maintaining Data Integrity

Introduction to Data Types
Managing Data Types pt. 1
Managing Field Data Types pt. 2
Setting Field Length
Using Input Masks pt. 1
Using Input Masks pt. 2
Using Default Values pt. 1
Using Default Values pt. 2
Setting a Validation Rule
Creating a Lookup List pt. 1
Creating a Lookup List pt. 2
Creating a Lookup List pt. 3
Compacting the Database
Backing Up the Database

Using Forms

Understanding Forms
Navigating in Forms
Creating a Form Quickly
Using the Form Wizard
Understanding Form Views
Creating a Blank Form pt. 1
Creating a Blank form pt. 2
Aligning Controls
Sizing Controls
Controlling Data Input
Creating an Option Group pt. 1
Creating an Option Group pt. 2
Formatting a Form
Using AutoFormat
Setting Tab Order
Creating Subforms pt. 1
Creating Subforms pt. 2

Querying Data

Sorting Table Records
Using Basic Filters
Using Filter By Form
Using Advanced Filters
Understanding Queries
Using the Query Wizard
Designing Select Queries
Adding Query Criteria
Designing Parameter Queries
Using Calculated Fields
Designing Action Queries pt. 1
Designing Action Queries pt. 2
Designing Action Queries pt. 3
Generating Totals and Averages
Using Expression Builder

Working with Reports

Understanding Reports
Creating a Report Quickly
Using the Report Wizard
Formatting a Report
Creating a Blank Report pt. 1
Creating a Blank Report pt. 2
Creating a Blank Report pt. 3
Using Queries in Reports
Using Calculated Values
Previewing and Printing a Report
Saving a Report as PDF

Securing and Sharing Data

Password-Protecting Your Database pt. 1
Password-Protecting Your Database pt. 2
Securing Database Code
Distributing Your Database pt. 1
Distributing Your Database pt. 2

Customizing Your Database

Creating a Switchboard pt. 1
Creating a Switchboard pt. 2
Creating a Switchboard pt. 3
Understanding the Navigation Pane
Defining Custom Categories pt. 1
Defining Custom Categories pt. 2
Setting Global Options
Customizing Quick Access pt. 1
Customizing Quick Access pt. 2
Creating a Custom Ribbon
Using Performance Analyzer
Using Database Documenter

Five Cool Access Tips and Tricks

Getting Certified in Access 2007
Great Access 2007 Resources
Microsoft Virtual Labs
Access Ribbon Mapping Workbook
Keyboard Shortcuts



About the Author

About the Author

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