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Microsoft Access 2000 Tutorial

Microsoft Access 2000 gives you powerful new tools for managing your data. You can share your database with coworkers over an intranet, find and retrieve information quickly, and take advantage of pre-packaged automated solutions to quickly create databases. In Virtual Training Company's tutorial, author Lorie Flenner begins very basic, explaining the key concepts behind Access and relational database theory. Go through using an existing database, then smoothly into creating a new database and new forms, queries, and reports. Click any of the topics below to get started right away.


Design Basics
Example Databases
The 7 Access Objects

Access Basics

Starting Access 2000
Screen Tips
Keyboard Setup
Accessing Help
The Office Assistant
Setting Options

Table Strcuture and Data Types

The Structure of a Table
Data Types

Field Properties

Intro/Field Size
Input Mask
Default Value
Validation Rule/Text
Primary Key

Working with an Existing Database

Open an Existing Database

Working in Datasheet View

Sort & Find
Filter by Selection
Filter by Form
Save a Filter
Navigating Data Sheets
Adjust Column Width
Freeze & Unfreeze
Data Entry
Delete, Copy, Paste
Printing Datasheets
Selecting Records To Print

Using Forms

Introduction to Forms
Form Design Basics
Form Types
Form Views
Data Entry Using Forms
Printing Forms
Save & Close Forms
Pop-up & Modal Forms

Using Queries

Intro to Queries
Query Types
Query Views
Calculation Queries
Saving Queries

Usign Reports

Intro to Reports
Viewing a Report
Report Types
Printing a Report

Create a New Database

Database Structure
Create a Database

Creating Tables

Ways to Create a Table
Creating Fields
Setting Properties
Adding Fields
Setting a Primary Key
Lookup Wizard
Table Wizard
The Contacts Table

Setting up Relationships

Relationships - Why?
The Relationships Window
Referential Integrity

Creating Forms

Create Forms Manually
Auto Forms
Form Wizard
Form Design Facilities
Form Controls Overview
Moving & Sizing Controls
Formatting Controls
Add & Delete Controls
Changing Form Size
Headers & Footers
Create a Main and Sub-Form
Calculations (1)
Calculations (2)
Creating Command Buttons
Add a Combo Box

Creating Queries

Intro to Queries
New Query Options
Query Design View
Adding Fields to QBE Grid
Adding a Table
Running Queries
Sorting in a Query
Entering Criteria
Ranges in Criteria
Tips on Criteria
More Tips on Criteria
Calculated Fields
Saving Queries
Parameter Queries
Totals Queries
Expression Builder

Creating Reports

Intro to Reports
Creating Reports
Report Design View
Sorting & Grouping
Layout Problems
Mailing Labels
Adding Calculated Fields
Adding Group Totals
Adding Sum Totals

Creating Data Access Pages

Intro to Pages
Creating Pages
Use the Page Wizard
Accessing Data from the Web

External Data

Importing Data
Importing from Excel
Mail Merging with Word
Linking & Attaching Tables


Replication Overview
Setting Up Replicas
Types of Security
User-Level Security Wizard
Backing Up Data


Example Macro
Conditional Macros


Create a Switchboard
Add Buttons
Improve Appearance

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