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MetaCreations Infini D 4.5 Tutorial

Infini-D 4.5 makes 3D animation feel like second nature, featuring the perfect balance of professional animation features, high-end special effects, and broadcast quality output, all within a celebrated, intuitive working environment. Version 4.5 features a dramatically faster renderer, a robust batch rendering queue, powerful new particle effects, and support for MetaCreations' MetaStream. In this 9.5 hour long tutorial, author Matt Neutra begins by covering the tools and menus, then moves smoothly into more complicated aspects of the program such as modeling objects, editing objects and lights, special effects, and animation tricks. With Virtual Training Company, you can even begin learning right away by clicking on the section of your choice.


About this CD

Getting Started

System Requirements
Setting Screen Depth
Setting Memory & Launching Infini-D
Preferences Overview
Creating a Scene
Setting Up QD3D
Placing & Deleting Objects
Exiting Infini-D

Tools & Menus

Memory Allocation
File Menu
Edit Menu
Model Menu
Animation Menu
Windows Menu
Object Manipulation Tools
Camera & Light Tools
Object Manipulation Tools
Object Linking Tools
Scale & Squash Tools
View Manipulation Tools
Marquee Render Tool
Keyboard Shortcuts

Pallets and Views

The Command Floater
The Information Tab
Navigation Tab
Animation Tab
Object Tab
Modifiers Tab
Surfaces Tab
Display Tab
Filters Tab
Standard View Windows
Camera View Windows
Editing Views
Sequencer Window
Sequencer Shortcuts
Navigate in a View
How to use Views
Selecting with the Sequencer

Modeling Objects

Work with Objects in a Scene
Primitive Objects
Extrude Objects
Lathe Objects
Freeform Objects
Text Object
Terrain Objects
Particle Objects
Importing & Exporting Objects
Object Settings Tab
Boolean Functions
Boolean Case Study
Object Hierarchies & Links
Object Constraints
Copy, Paste & Duplicate
Using Origin as a Reference

Editing Objects

SplineForm Modeller
SplineForm Workshop
What Is Path Modelling?
SplineForm Modeller Interface
Modelling in SplineFrom
Importing EPS Files
Object Liary
SplineForm Model Case Study
Mesh Editor Interface
What is a Mesh?
Working in the Mesh Editor
Mesh Point Tools
Mesh Deform Tools
Mesh Settings
Mesh Model Case Study

Surfaces and Textures

Applying & Selecting Procedural Surface
Editing Surfaces
Creating a New Surface
Import Textures or QT Movies
Composed Surfaces
Composed Surface Case Study
Surface Liary
Surface Case Study

Adding & Editing Lights

Light Types
Distant Light
Point Light
Tube Light
Spot Light
Target Spot Light
Ambient Light
Sharp and Soft Shadows
Volumetric Light
Lens Flares
Gels & Masks

Composing a Scene

Environment Settings
The Subject of your Scene
Setting the Atmosphere
Adding Lighting
Cameras and Lenses
Working Efficiently
Using Book Marks

Special Effects

Editing Particle Systems
Reflex Filters
Shadow Catchers


What Is Animation?
Simple Animation Case Study
Animation Assistants
Velocity Graph
Motion Paths
QTVR Objects
QTVR Panoramas
Importing Audio


Linear Wave
Circular Waves

Animation Tricks

Duplicating Animated Objects
Hidden Parents
Animating Surfaces
Morphing with the Model Liary


Rendering & Backburner Overview
Rendering Overview
Render Settings
Rendering Views
Using Backburner
Preview Over Video
Time Savin Rendering Trick


General Preferences
Scene Preferences
Windows Preferences
Manipulation Preferences
Tools Preferences
Colors Preferences
Rendering Preferences
What is Anti-Aliasing?
What is Field Interlacing?

Case Studies

Animating a Boolean
Creating Fireworks
Animating Lens Flares
Simulating a Sparkler
Simulating Water
Animating a Shark
Basic Flying Logo
Shadow Catcher Case Study
Animating Cameras
Bump Map Case Study
Two Surface Text

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