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MetaCreations Canoma Tutorial

MetaCreations Canoma is a wonderful application that lets you turn scanned 2d images into realistic 3d models that you can navigate and animate in real time. Matt Neutra seeks to give you an in-depth understanding of Canoma in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. After familiarizing you with the interface, he will take you through a series of lessons on how to create a 3d model. He will guide you through setting up Canoma to meet your needs, how to prepare and build projects, how animation works in Canoma, and advanced modeling techniques, such as the use of geometric tricks. To get started right away, simply click one of the topics below.


What is Canoma?
About this CD
Where can I get technical Support?
System Requirements
Installing Canoma

Application Overview

Chapter Intro
The Canoma Workspace
The Canoma Project Window
Camera Controls
The Creation Tab
The Toolbar
Selecting Objects
The 2D image Palette
Texture Controls
The Animation Tab
The Menu Bar
Status Tips
About Canoma
Accessing The Metacreations Web Site


Tutorials Intro
Creating a 3D model:
Lesson 1: Pinning Corners
Lesson 2: Viewing Progress
Lesson 3: Adding Textures and a ground plane
Filling in the details:
Lesson 1: Adding a second Image
Lesson 2: Modeling Nearby Objects
Lesson 3: Adding a Close-up Image
Lesson 4: Editing Textures
Lesson 1: Creating a Building Model
Lesson 2: Completing a Building Model
Note: Reducing Confusion
Lesson 3: Navigating through a model
Aligning Objects Precisely
Using Glue
Picking Up Speed
Lesson 1: Duplicating Similar Elements
Lesson 2: Adding Detail
Lesson 3: Adding a ground plane
Tutorials Chapter Summary

Canoma Basics

Chapter Introduction
Customizing Canoma
Setting the preferences
Setting up the workspace
Creating a Canoma Project
Organizing the Project Folder
Adding 2D Images
Creating 3D models
Adding a texture
Creating animations
Undoing Operations
Saving and Closing
Importing exporting and rendering

Preparing Projects

Taking Photographs
What works Best
Using several Photographs
Working from overviews to more detailed Photos
Dont Move things
Modifying Photos
Exposure and lighting
Camera location

Building Projects

How Canoma Works
Modeling 3D objects
Using 2d source images
Modeling from the ground up
Canoma is always Calculating
Before you start
Working with objects
Matching objects to photo elements
Selecting the correct starting object
Objects with editable polyline contours
Caliating a Scene
Adding an Object
Setting selection based options
Selecting and object
Deleting an object
Checking object information
Stacking objects
Duplicating objects
Pinning Objects
Viewing projects in progress
Using Beads
Defining Edges
Using Glue
Deleting All Constraints
Using Solo Mode
Using Shadows
Displaying the Background Image
Avoiding Model Stress
Working with Texture
Stealing Textures 0631 Using the 2D lmage Palette

Viewing Models

Positioning the View of Your Model
Using the Trackball
Using the Cross Controls
Using the In-View Navigation Controls
Banking Control
Field of View
Zooming and Panning
Resetting the Viewpoint

Editing Textures

Retouching or Editing Textures in 2D
Editing for 2D Renders
Using the Alpha channel

Creating Animations

How Animation Works in Canoma
Creating an Animation
Using the Animation Controls
Creating Keyframes
Setting Animation Options
Previewing an Animation
Rendering an animation

Advanced Modeling

Modeling Objects
Adding Source Images
Free vs. Constrained Parameters
Misleading Canoma and Stressing a Model
Using Geometric Tricks
Modeling the First Image
Using Temporary Helper Objects
Creating the Same Orientation
Duplicating Objects with the Same Dimensions
Forcing Necessary Parameters
Using Glue to Align Objects
Using Point To Point Glue
Using Point to Edge Glue
Create a Balcony Using Edge to Edge Glue

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