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MetaCreations Bryce 3 and 4 Tutorial

Whether you're a pro, or a beginning artist, Bryce¨ 4 is an easy way to create, explore and animate extraordinary imagery. It's perfect for multimedia, video and the Web. Matt Neutra authors this Virtual Training Company tutorial. He starts by covering the interface and setting up your preferences. From there he moves into animation controls and materials. He also will teach you about environments of Bryce 3/4, Objects, creating terrain, rendering a movie, and much more. To get started, click one of the movie topics below.

Introduction to Bryce 3D (3&4)

Whats New?
What Is Bryce 3D?
What new in Bryce 4?

Interface Overview

Getting Started
Application Interface Overview
The Bryce Window
The Working Window
Tool Palettes
The Editors
The Preset Liaries
The Menu Bar

Getting Started

Setting up the Application Preferences
Setting up the Bryce Window
Using the Bryce Interface
Creating and Opening Documents
Working in A Bryce Scene
Saving And Closing Files

Basic Animation

An Overview of the Animation Process
Animation Controls
The Advanced Motion Lab
Motion Paths
Time Mapping Curves
Animating Transformations
Animating Materials
Animating Terrains
Animating Skies
Planning Animations
Motion and Timing Principals

Case Study 1

Case Study 1 Intro
Set up New Document and Position Camera
Adding and Positioning Objects
Object Transformations (Scale, Rotate Etc.)
Create A Terrain
Add A Sky
Create an Infinite Slab
Create A Material
Using 3D Textures
Create and Use A Volume Material
Add Lights to A Scene
Create Key Frames
Edit Time Mapping Curves
Animate the Camera
Render And Image
Render an Animation

Creating and Using Objects

Creating Objects Intro
About Objects in A Scene
Procedural vs. Primitive Objects
Object Placement
The Create Palette
Creating Infinite Planes
Creating Stones
Infinite Slab vs. Infinite Plane
Create A Symmetrical Lattice
Creating Primitives
Creating A PICT Object
Working with Pictures
Importing Objects
Creating Boolean Objects
Creating Geometric Paths
Preset Objects in the Object Liary

Environments in Bryce

Environmental Settings in Bryce
The Sky And Fog Palette
Using Sky Modes
Setting Sky Attributes
Adding Fog and Haze
Adding Clouds in Bryce
Positioning the Sun
Adding/Animating Environmental Effects

Terrains and You

What Is A Terrain?
The Terrain Editor
Creating Terrains
Painting Terrains
Filtering Terrains
Creating Terrain Using Pictures
Adding Color to Terrains
Clipping Terrains
Saving Terrains

Materials are your Friend

Understanding Materials
Surface Material Channels
Volume Material Channels
Components of Materials
Shading Modes
Using Material Presets
Chapter Summary

Objects, Hierarchies, Transformations

Arranging Objects Inro
Bryce And 3d Space
Coordinate Systems
Transforming Objects
Resizing Objects
Rotating Objects
Positioning Objects
Aligning Objects
Randomizing Objects
Object Hierarchies
Object Families

Edit, Import and Convert Objects

Intro to Editing Objects
Editing Object Attributes
Editing Toruses
Editing Polyhedrons
Converting Objects

Lights and Cameras

Intro to Cameras and Lights
The View Of Your Scene
Setting up the View of Your Scene
Camera Modes
Manual Camera Positioning
Aiming the Camera
Saving Camera Positions
Creating Lights
Editing Lights
Applying Gels
Positioning Lights

More Animation

Intro to Creating Animations
Creating Animations
Advanced Motion Lab
Motion Paths
Animation Example

Rendering and Resolution

Intro to Rendering
Setting up A Render
Rendering A Scene
Rendering A Movie
Batch Rendering
How to Speed up Your Renderings

Using renderings

Using Renderings

Whats New in Bryce 3D v4

Sky Lab
New Import & Export Formats
Terrain Enhancements
Internet Links
Interactive Movie Preview
Contents CD
Enhanced Light Controls
Enhanced Material Lab
Rendering & Screen Resolution
Ray Spray1

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