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Maya 6 Fundamentals Tutorial

Academy Award® winning Maya® software is the world’s most powerfully integrated 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering solution. Maya also adds to the quality and realism of 2D graphics. That’s why film and video artists, game developers, visualization professionals, Web and print designers turn to Maya to take their work to the next level. author Michael Ingrassia gets you started using Maya 6® with easy to follow, practical projects. To begin learning today, simply click on the Maya 6® links.

Maya User Interface

Menus & Buttons
Channels & Layers
Timeslider & UI Displays

Creating An Apple

Creating A New Project
Basic Modeling Techniques
Adding a Stem
Finishing The Apple
Adding A Leaf
Applying Textures
Final Render

Model And Rig A Hand

Box Modeling The Hand
Creating Fingers
Attaching Fingers
Finishing The Model
Preparing To Rig
Setting Up Joints Pt.1
Setting Up Joints Pt.2
Binding The Mesh Pt.1
Binding The Mesh Pt.2
Set Driven Keys

Jumping Pumpkin

Overview & Begin Modeling
Cut Out Eyes & Mouth
Extruding Faces
Creating Stem & UV
Applying Procedural Shader
Animating The Pumpkin
Adding Secondary Animation
Rigging The Stem
Applying Glow To Face
Creating Set Driven Key
Creating A Rolling Terrain
Setup Main Lighting Pt.1
Setup Main Lighting Pt.2
Adding Secondary Lights
Preparing Proper Rendering Pt.1
Preparing Proper Rendering Pt.2

Character Setup/Rigging

Building The Character
Add Torso/Legs & Feet
Duplicating The Sides
Adjusting Legs for IK
Creating Leg Joints
Finishing The Skeleton
Mirroring Joints
Parenting Geometry
Applying Leg IK
Arm IK vs. FK
Adding Pole Vectors
Building Controllers Pt.1
Building Controllers Pt.2
Expression Driven Spine
Automatic Hip Roll
Head Control
Final Controls Setup
Channel Control Cleanup

Character Animation

Setting Initial Keyframes
Beginning A Walk Cycle
Alternating The Feet
Adjusting The Graph Editor
Arm & Hip Sway
Finalizing The Walk Cycle

Simple Practice Projects

Creating a Chair
Create A Realistic Eyeball Pt.1
Create A Realistic Eyeball Pt.2
Eyeball Adding a Lens
Eyeball Adding more detail
Eyeball Setup working eyelids
Making Simple Teeth
Modeling A Spoon
Creating A Skycube
Create A Rolling Terrain
Applying Paint FX Grass

Lights! Camera! Render!

Three Point Lighting Pt.1
Three Point Lighting Pt.2
Three Point Lighting Pt.3
Three Point Lighting Pt.4
Three Point Lighting Pt.5
Gobo Light Gels
Creating A GI Dome
Adding Optical FX
Camera Gates
Camera Paths & Targeting
Depth Of Field Overview
Render Global Basics
Adding Motion Blur & Raytracing


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