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Maxwell Render 2 Tutorial

Maxwell Render is the unbiased render engine of choice for discerning 3D professionals. With its well-earned reputation for top quality and physical accuracy it is used extensively in the arch-viz, jewelry, advertising, product design, special effects, and animation industries. This course is designed to get you up and running with Maxwell Render quickly and effectively. It is taught in a practical and easy-to-follow manner by successful artist Jason Maranto so that even beginners will be able to successfully utilize the realism and beauty of Maxwell Render. Jason puts a particular emphasis on understanding the powerful material creation capabilities of Maxwell and he packs the course with examples, work files, and over 2000 free materials. This really is the training series that Maxwell users have been waiting for. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

* Due to their large file size, work files are not available for download. Per request, a DVD containing these work files is available for active Online University members.


Web Resources pt. 1
Web Resources pt. 2
Hardware Considerations
Introducing the Material Editor

Materials: BSDF

Setup & Reflectance 0
Roughness & Reflectance 90 pt. 1
Roughness & Reflectance 90 pt. 2
Nd & K
Force Fresnel
Transmittance & Attenuation
Dispersion & Abbe
Anisotropy & Angle
R2 Custom Falloff
IOR Measured Data

Materials: Mapping

What Is Mapping?
Projection Properties
Image Properties
Reflectance Map
Transmittance Map
Roughness Map
Anisotropy & Angle Maps
Weight Map
Layer Masking

Materials: Surface Texturing

What Is a Bump Map?
Optimizing Bump Maps
What Is a Normal Map?
Using Normal Maps
What Is Displacement?
Height / Offset / Precision
Combining Methods

Materials: SSS and Coatings

What Is SSS?
Transmittance & Scattering
Attenuation & Coefficient
Nd & Force Fresnel
Transmittance Mapping
Single Sided SSS
Scattering Mapping
Thickness Mapping

Materials: Emitters

What Is an Emitter?
Luminance Specifications
IES / Eulumdat
HDR Image
Mixing Emitters with BSDFs

Materials: Examples

RAL Libraries Introduction
RAL Diffuse and Shiny Plastic
RAL SSS Plastic
RAL Glossy Metallic Plastic
RAL Satin and Velvet
RAL Tiles
RAL Painted Wall
RAL Glass
RAL Anodized Aluminum
RAL Car Paint

Maxwell Studio Intro

Customizing the Layout
Managing Layouts
UI Tour
Using Viewports
Navigation of Scene
History & Console

Working with Geometry

Manipulating Objects
Clones and Groups
Selecting Polygons
Triangle Groups
Assigning Materials
Working with UVs
Object Appearance


Setting Up Cameras
Render Selection
Controlling Angle of View
Controlling Field of View
Other Special Effects

Environment Settings

Where Are We?
Setting a Location and Time
Atmosphere Parameters
Load and Save
Using IBL

Rendering Options

Output & Materials
Render Channels
Illumination & Caustics
Zbuffer Displacement

Core Rendering Application

UI and Preferences
Rendering a Scene
Editing while Rendering
Multilight pt. 1
Multilight pt. 2
Multilight Animations


Wrap Up


About the Author

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