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MasterClass! - ZBrush Texture Workflow Tutorial

Texturing a model in ZBrush has a great many advantages for speed and ease of use. But if you want to keep details on the model, a workflow comes in handy, so that you are not painting every rivet and bolt on your model. ZBrush’s mapping ability, along with Photoshop’s layer blending, makes a power combination for a texture artist. This MasterClass! is perfect for anyone interested in making Videogame Quality-“Baked” textures for their models. To begin learning ZBrush Texture Workflow, simply click on the movie links.

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Prepping the Model

Reconstruct Debug pt. 1
Reconstruct Debug pt. 2
Lowering the Poly Count pt. 1
Lowering the Poly Count pt. 2
Lowering the Poly Count pt. 3


UVW Unwrapping pt. 1
UVW Unwrapping pt. 2
UVW Unwrapping pt. 3
UVW Unwrapping pt. 4
UVW Unwrapping pt. 5
UVW Unwrapping pt. 6


Displacement Map pt. 1
Displacement Map pt. 2
Occlusion Map
Photoshop Setup
Lesson Files
Color Pallet
Fur pt. 1
Fur pt. 2
Fur pt. 3
Fur pt. 4
Color Correct
Texture Imports
Color Template
Reclaiming Detail pt. 1
Reclaiming Detail pt. 2
Reclaiming Detail pt. 3
Reclaiming Detail pt. 4
Final Touches


Wrap Up
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