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MasterClass! - VST Instruments & Effects Vol. 1 Tutorial

In this VTC MasterClass! course, audio expert and Producer Kenneth Braithwaite, teaches commonly used VST Instruments & Effects. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the MasterClass! - VST Instruments & Effects Vol. 1 movie links.

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Explaining VST Instruments & Effects

Setting Up

Setting Up & Performance Considerations

SampleTank & SonikSynth

SampleTank pt. 1
SampleTank pt. 2
SampleTank pt. 3
Sonik Synth pt. 1
Sonik Synth pt. 2

Virtual Guitarist

Virtual Guitarist pt. 1
Virtual Guitarist pt. 2
Virtual Guitarist pt. 3

Antares Auto-Tune

Auto-Tune pt. 1
Auto-Tune pt. 2
Auto-Tune pt. 3

Antares Other Effects

Harmony Engine pt. 1
Harmony Engine pt. 2
Avox Sybil & Choir & Duo
Avox Punch & Throat

Wrap Up

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