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MasterClass! - Protecting Yourself On The Internet Tutorial

The Internet and the World Wide Web are full of malicious people who use technology to perpetrate a wide variety of crimes against others. Identity theft, phishing scams and other fraud, cyber stalking, and even child exploitation are some of the dangers to ordinary Internet users. Veteran author and Internet Security professional Bobby Rogers, will give you the information you need to keep you and your family safe on the Internet. To begin learning, simply click the links.


Course Introduction

Threats on the Internet

Scams & Fraud pt. 1
Scams & Fraud pt. 2
Identity Theft pt. 1
Identity Theft pt. 2
Cyber Stalking
Exploitation of Children

Protecting Your Computer

How Data is Taken Off the Computer
How to Protect Data On Your Computer
Demo: Encrypting Your Data
Combating Malware pt. 1
Combating Malware pt. 2
Securing Your Computer

Protecting Yourself

Social Engineering
Phishing & Other Scams pt. 1
Phishing & Other Scams pt. 2
Social Networking
Email & Instant Messaging
Protecting Your Children
Demo: Using Parental Controls Vista

Protecting Your Personal Data

How People Get Your Data Online pt. 1
How People Get Your Data Online pt. 2
Dumpster Diving - The Offline Way
Tracing a Crime - How They Use Your Data
What Can You Do to Protect Your Data

Final Thoughts

Resources to Help Protect Yourself
About the Author

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