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MasterClass! - Adobe Photoshop HDRI Tutorial

HDRI, or High Dynamic Range Imaging, is the latest photographic and software technique sweeping the world. Robert Correll covers how to create artistically-oriented HDR from start to finish using Photomatix and Photoshop CS4. You’ll find out why HDR is a solution to the problem of limited dynamic range, see a workflow developed for the unique requirements of HDR, and learn how to select scenes with high HDR potential. You’ll also learn how to pre-process raw photographs in order to create 32-bit HDR files and then tone map the HDR in Photomatix (or in Photoshop CS4 using the Photomatix plug-in). To conclude, you will see several common HDR problems and how to overcome them in post-processing using Photoshop CS4 to achieve your artistic vision. To begin learning, simply click on the movie links.



HDR Photography

Dynamic Range & HDR
HDR Workflow pt. 1
HDR Workflow pt. 2
Scene Selection pt. 1
Scene Selection pt. 2

Pre-Processing Raw

Bracketed Photos
Single-Exposure HDR

Creating HDR

Photoshop Merge to HDR
Photomatix Generate HDR

Tone Mapping with Photomatix

Plug-In Versus Stand-Alone
General Settings
Tone Settings
Color Settings
Smoothing Settings

Post-Processing in Photoshop CS4

Noise Reduction
Lens Distortion
Sensor Dust & Cloning
Levels & Curves
Dodge & Burn
Black & White
Resize & Sharpen

Wrap Up

Concluding Remarks


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