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MasterClass! - Adobe Media Encoder & Embedding Flash Video in Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial

Adobe Media Encoder is an underrated power-tool in the Adobe CS4 Suite that generates highly compressed, fast-downloading high quality, web-ready video in FLV and other web compatible formats. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 includes little-appreciated features for embedding FLV videos in web pages and generating a variety of Flash Player skins with player controls. This course covers the entire process of converting a QuickTime or Windows Media video to a web-read Flash Video (FLV) file using Adobe Media Encoder, and then embedding that video in a Flash Player skin in Dreamweaver CS4. In addition, the course covers extracting audio tracks and high quality still photos from video, and provides a basic introduction to selecting video and audio compression for the web. Finally, the course covers providing iPod and iPhone friendly video.

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What this Course is About

Setting Up

What Tools You Will Need

Exploring Adobe Media Encoder CS4

Examining Interface
Defining Preferences
Adding Media to the Queue

Converting Media in Media Encoder

Choosing From Preset Options
Choosing Export Media Format

Extracting Images & Audio Tracks

Producing High Quality Video Stills
Audio Options in Media Encoder
Extracting an Audio Track

Editing Video

Editing Video in Media Encoder
Cropping & Resizing Video

Producing Flash Video (FLV) Files

Advantages of Flash Video (FLV/FV4) Compression
Preparing FLV Files for Dreamweaver
Compressing Audio Tracks

Embedding Video in Dreamweaver CS4

Embedding FLVs with Player Skins pt. 1
Embedding FLVs with Player Skins pt. 2
Editing Flash Player Parameters
Uploading FLV Files
Embedding QuickTime Video pt. 1
Embedding QuickTime Video pt. 2
Providing Video for iPods


Wrap Up


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