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MasterClass! - Adobe LiveCycle Designer Tutorial

PDF-based forms created in Adobe LiveCycle designer provide a robust method for distributing electronic forms while maintaining design integrity. Discover the tools, commands, and palettes that LiveCycle offers that makes form creation easy. Learn how to create common form objects like text fields, check boxes, and drop down menus as well as how to work with pre-created form objects. Then follow along and see how easy LiveCycle makes it to format a form's overall look and design. Finally, create buttons to control your form and learn how to manage back-end form data. Work Files are included. To begin learning, simply click on one of the video topics.

* VTC MasterClass! courses are available only to registered Online University members.


Course Overview

Understanding PDF Based Forms

Introducing PDF-Based Forms
Comparing Acrobat & LiveCycle

Creating a New Form

Getting Started with LiveCycle
A Tour of the Interface pt. 1
A Tour of the Interface pt. 2
Using LiveCycle's Templates
Zooming & Navigating
Creating a New Blank Form

Inserting Text Fields

Creating Text Fields
Setting Text Field Properties
Setting Text Field Appearance
Creating Additional Text Fields pt. 1
Creating Additional Text Fields pt. 2
Creating Additional Text Fields pt. 3
Formatting Multiple Fields Together
Controlling Field Validation
Creating Custom Validation Messages
Additional Field Validation

Date / Drop-Down Lists & List Boxes

Inserting a Date Field
Creating Drop-Down Lists
Drop-Down List Properties
Creating a Second Drop-Down
List Boxes

Check Boxes / Radio Buttons & Tables

Creating Radio Groups
Creating Additional Radio Groups
Formatting & Testing Radio Groups
Inserting Tables
Inserting Check Boxes

Inserting Buttons

Inserting a Print Button
Inserting an HTTP Button
Inserting an Email Button

Custom Form Objects

Creating & Saving Form Objects
Placing Saved Objects

Inserting Additional Content

Graphics & Master Pages
Drawing Shapes pt. 1
Drawing Shapes pt. 2
Inserting Text Objects
Formatting Text Content
Finishing Up the Form Layout

Form Formatting

Setting Field Tab Order
Aligning & Distributing Content

Managing Form Data

Allowing Reader Users to Save
Filling in & Exporting Data
Compiling Form Data
Editing LiveCycle Forms


Wrap Up
About the Author

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