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MasterClass! - Adobe Flash CS4: Animating with Bones Tutorial

The addition of bones and inverse kinematics (IK) to Adobe Flash CS4 provided animators with a new level of control over their animations. Instead of having to coordinate the complex motion of separate elements to create convincing movement, Flash animators can now attach graphics to skeletons, known as armatures, and simply animate the bones. In this practical "hands-on" course, author Rick Martin walks you through the entire process of animating with bones from start to finish. You will learn the two types of IK animation, how to create and edit armatures, how to fine tune your bones and artwork, and how to avoid common pitfalls along the way. Work files are included.

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Course Overview

Inverse Kinematics & Bones

IK & Bones Overview pt. 1
IK & Bones Overview pt. 2
Boning Shapes
Boning Symbols
Animating Armatures

Boning Shapes

Overview & Setup
Drawing Bones
Editing Bones
Setting Motion Constraints
Modifying Control Points pt. 1
Modifying Control Points pt. 2
Binding Control Points pt. 1
Binding Control Points pt. 2
Poses pt. 1
Poses pt. 2
Poses pt. 3
Poses pt. 4

Boning Symbols

Converting to Symbols pt. 1
Converting to Symbols pt. 2
Drawing Bones
Adjusting Bones & Symbols pt. 1
Adjusting Bones & Symbols pt. 2
Pose Preparation & Constraints
Poses pt. 1
Poses pt. 2
Poses pt. 3

Conclusion & Credits

Wrap Up
About the Author

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