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MasterClass! - Adobe Dreamweaver: Better Workflow Using Plug-Ins Tutorial

This VTC MasterClass! course helps website designers achieve better workflow in Adobe Dreamweaver by using powerful third-party plug-ins. These time saving tools will help maximize efficiency and produce professional results. To begin learning today, simply click on a video link.

* VTC MasterClass! courses are available only to registered Online University members.


Introduction & Overview

Bringing The Site Live

Adobe Extension Manager
Including YouTube Movies with 'YouTubizer'
Live Clock
Quick & Easy Monthly Calendars
Including Google Maps
Horizontal & Vertical Scrollers

Saving Time At Site Design

Email Integration With SuperEmail
'Lorem Ipsum' Dummy Text Generator
Paypal Integration pt. 1
Paypal integration pt. 2
Use 'Fast eCart' for a Complete Shopping Cart
Creating PDF Test Documents for Client Approval

Visual Effects

Presenting Images with 'Slideshow Magic'
Presenting Images with 'Image Gallery Magic'
Presenting Images with 'Lightshow Magic'


P7's 'Menu Bar Magic'
P7's 'Tab Panel Magic'
P7's 'Elevator Panel Magic'
P7's 'Pop Menu Magic'
'Tree Menu Magic' by P7
'Glide Panel Magic' for Navigation & Saving Space
Generate a Sitemap with WebAssist's 'Surveyor'

Full Site Starter Kits

'CSS Magic' Starterkit
WebAssist's 'CSS Sculptor'


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