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MasterClass! - Adobe Acrobat Forms Tutorial

PDF-based Acrobat forms provide a solution for creating and distributing forms on all levels while maintaining design integrity. In this MasterClass! course, users will quickly learn how to create rich, interactive form objects like text fields, drop-down menus, and radio groups, before discovering how to build buttons and make forms interactive. Learn about reset and print buttons, and of course, how to create buttons to submit form data. Then follow along as submitted form data is collected, managed and exported from the Acrobat environment. Work Files are included. To begin learning, simply click on one of the video topics.

* VTC MasterClass! courses are available only to registered Online University members.


Course Overview

Getting Started with Acrobat Forms

Introducing Acrobat Forms
Converting a PDF to a Form
Form Editing Mode Tour
Form Field Types

Creating Text Fields

Drawing a Text Field pt. 1
Drawing a Text Field pt. 2
Editing a Text Field
Creating a Multi-line Text Field
Alternative Uses for Text Fields

Creating Check Boxes & Radio Buttons

Drawing Check Boxes
Creating Additional Checkboxes
Creating Radio Buttons
Building Radio Groups
Finishing the Radio Group

Creating List & Combo Boxes

Creating a List Box
Editing List Boxes
Selecting Multiple Items
Creating Combo Boxes
Editing a Combo Box
Creating Additional Combo Boxes

Setting Field Calculation

Placing Multiple Fields
Setting Price Fields
Setting Multiplication
Duplicating Multiplication Fields
Setting Fields to Add Values
Creating a Shipping & Handling Field
Adding Taxes & Grand Total

Managing Form Objects

Moving & Repositioning Objects
Aligning Centering & Distributing
Duplicating Field Sizes
Setting Field Tab Order

Inserting Buttons

Creating Button Objects
Editing a Button
Creating Reset & Print Buttons
Setting Reset & Submit Actions

Distributing & Managing Data

Distributing a Form pt. 1
Distributing a Form pt. 2
Filling in a Form
Collecting Form Data
Compiling Data Outside Acrobat


Wrap Up
About the Author

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