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Mashups (Web 2.0 Web Apps) Tutorial

Mashups let you combine data and data presentations (such as maps) from a variety of sources. It may be your own data, or what you bring to the mashup may be a unique way of combining or presenting data. Mashups require a little technical knowledge about a lot of different Web technologies. author Jesse Feiler walks you through every step of the development of two mashups guiding you through the use of some of the most common technologies: MySQL, PHP, REST, JavaScript, and XML. You'll see how to retrieve and parse data from an SQL database and from Amazon.com's product listings; you'll also see how to produce Google maps from your own data. The techniques here are common to many mashups and will help you get started with other sites including eBay and Flickrs. To begin learning simply click the links.


Introducing Mashups
Mashups for Information, Connections, & Maps
The Campaign Contribution Mashup: Overview
About This Course

Business Models & Legal Issues for Mashups

Using Mashups for Advertising & Promotion
Mashups for Advocacy
Mashups for Intermediaries
Mashups for Hollywood

Mashup Architecture & Technology

Mashups: The What
Mashups: The Why
Mashups: The How
Mashups: Technology Pt.1
Mashups: Technology Pt.2

The Campaign Contribution Mashup Data

Introducing the Data & the Mashup
Campaign Data
Looking at the Candidate Data Files
Converting Candidate Data with Excel Pt.1
Converting Candidate Data with Excel Pt.2
Converting Candidate Data with Excel Pt.3
The Campaign Contribution Data Model

Writing the Mashup with JavaScript

Starting the Mashup
Getting Access to Google Mapping
The Most Basic Mapping Mashup
Testing the Basic Mapping Code
Structuring at the JavaScript Code
Modifying the Basic Mapping Code
Making the Map a Global Variable
Adding a Marker with a Function
Adding Information to a Marker
Customizing Markers
Adding Map Controls
Introducing Geocoding
Restructuring the Code
The showAddress Function
Running the Geocoder
Generalizing showAddress

Adding PHP

Introducing PHP
Mixing HTML & JavaScript with PHP
Generating HTML from PHP
PHP Basics: Comments
PHP Basics: Strings & Concatenation
PHP Basics: Variables & Defines
Using PHP with Forms

Adding MySQL

Running MySQL on Windows
Running MySQL on Mac OS X
Configuring MySQL on Windows
Roadmap for the Rest of the Chapter
Overview of SELECT
Describing the Table & Selecting Data
Using Help
More on WHERE: Joining Tables
Selecting from the Joined Tables
Grouping Data
Creating & Altering Tables
Altering Table Columns
More on Altering Tables
Using Indexes
Unique & Partial Indexes
Forcing non-Null Values
Using Primary Keys
Loading Data: Introduction
Loading CSV Data (Candidates)
Loading Tab-delimited Data (Committees)
Loading Fixed-Width Data (Individuals)
Checking the Data Load
Correcting the Fixed-Width Data Load
Showing the Warnings
Altering Tables with New Fields & Types
Updating the Table Data
Adding Security

Adding MySQL to PHP

Structuring the PHP File: Include Files
How PHP Catches MySQL Errors
The MySQL/PHP Syntax
Constructing a MySQL Query in PHP
Executing the Query/Beginning HTML Table
Filling the HTML Table with MySQL Results
Using the Mapping API with MySQL Data
Revising the Includes
Getting ZIP Code Data from MySQL
Implementing the WHILE Loop
Cleaning Up a Bad ZIP Code
Changing the Info Window Text Pt.1
Changing the Info Window Text Pt.2
Using Alternate Markers

Building Mashups from External Data

Registering for Amazon Web Services
Registering for eBay
Retrieving Data from Amazon
Adding the Keywords
Testing the URL & Looking at XML
Sending the URL & Retrieving the XML
Parsing the XML
Generalizing the Parsing in a PHP Function
Creating an Amazon Link Pt.1
Creating an Amazon Link Pt.2
Finish the Formatting of Multiple Authors

Course Summary

Course Summary

About the Author

About the Author

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