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Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment Tutorial

Virtual Training Company's "Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network" tutorial is perfect for preparing for the MS Certification test # 70-218. Bill Ferguson, a certified Microsoft instructor, helps provide you with the knowledge you need to pass this exam. He explains how to manage an Active Directory, Data Storage, including dynamic disks, and Shares and Access Rights, such as the sharing of folders and printers. He will teach you how to configure and troubleshoot the Internet Information System (IIS), how to manage and monitor Network Security, including configuring user settings and groups, and how to manage routing by validating connectivity. You will also learn how to configure and troubleshoot TCP/IP, the language used on the Internet, and more. To start preparing, simply click on one of the topics below.

Introduction and Overview

Introduction and Overview pt. 1
Introduction and Overview pt. 2
Introduction and Overview pt. 3

Managing Active Directory

Defining Active Directory
Active Directory Users and Computers
Active Directory Sites and Services
Searching Active Directory
Publishing in Active Directory

Managing Data Storage

Overview of Managing Data Storage
Implementing NTFS and FAT File systems
Enabling and Configuring Quotas
Implementing and Configuring Encrypting File System (EFS)
Overview of Basic and Dynamic Disks
Configuring Basic and Dynamic Disks
Configuring Folder Permissions
Configuring File Permissions
Managing a Domain-based Distributed File System (DFS)
Managing File and Folder Compression

Managing Shares and Access Rights

Sharing Overview
Sharing Folders and Web Sharing
Configuring Shared Folder Permissions
Creating and Managing Shared Printers
Configuring Shared Printer Permissions

Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Information Services (IIS)

IIS Overview
Configuring Virtual Directories
Configuring Virtual Servers
Troubleshooting Internet and Intranet Browsing
Configuring Authentication and SSL for Web Sites
Configuring FTP Services
Configuring Access Permissions for Web Servers

Monitoring and Managing Network Security

Managing Security Overview
Configuring User-account Lockout and Password Settings
Configuring and Linking Group Policy
Enabling and Configuring Auditing
Monitoring Security with the Security Log

Troubleshooting Routing

Troubleshooting Routing Overview
Routing Troubleshooting Tools
Validating Local Computer Configuration
Validating Network Connectivity

Configuring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP

TCP/IP Configuration Overview
Validating Client Computer Network Configuration
Validating Client Computer Network Connectivity

Managing DHCP

DHCP Overview
Configuring Authorization of DHCP Servers.
Configuring Client Computers to Use Dynamic IP Addressing
Configuring DHCP Server Properties
Creating and Configuring a DHCP Scope

Managing DNS

DNS Overview
Configuring DNS server Properties
Managing DNS Database Records
Creating and Configuring DNS Zones

Troubleshooting Name Resolution

Name Resolution Overview
Configuring Client Computer Name Resolution Properties
Creating and Configuring a Hosts File
Creating and Configuring an Lmhosts File

Installing and Configuring Hardware

Installing and Configuring Hardware Overview
Verifying Hardware Compatibility
Configuring Driver Signing Options and Verifying Signatures
Configuring Legacy Hardware Devices

Troubleshooting Startup

Troubleshooting Startup Overview
Isolating the Problem
Advanced Startup Options
Repairing an Installation

Managing Server Health and Performance

Managing Servers Overview
Real Time Monitoring with Task Manager
Real Time Monitoring with System Monitor
Performance Logs and Alerts
Diagnosing Problems Using Event Viewer
Identifying and Disabling Unnecessary OS Services

Installing and Managing OS Updates

Service Pack and Hot Fix Overview and Installation
Verifying and Removing Service Packs and Hot Fixes

Managing Group Objects in Active Directory

Managing Group Objects in Active Directory Overview
Group Types
Group Scopes
Permissions with Groups
Group Nesting
Troubleshooting Groups

Managing Object and Container Permissions

Managing Object and Container Permissions Overview
Organizational Units
Using the Delegation of Control Wizard & Troubleshooting

Managing Active Directory Replication

Overview of Replication
Replication Methods
Replication Methods cont.
WAN Connectivity and Replication
Active Directory Sites and Services
Forcing Replication and Troubleshooting

Deploying Software by Using Group Policy

Deploying Software Using Group Policy Overview
Using Windows Installer & Software Installation Manager
Publishing Software vs. Assigning
Deploying Software Updates

Troubleshooting End-user Group Policy

Troubleshooting End-user Group Policy Overview
Refreshing Group Policy

Managing Security Using Group Policy

Managing Security Using Group Policy Overview
Using Security Templates
Customizing Security Templates
Analyzing the Security Configuration of a Computer

Configuring and Troubleshooting Remote Access

Configuring and Troubleshooting Remote Access Overview
Remote Access IP Address Allocation

Remote Access Policies

Remote Access Policies Overview
Remote Access Policy Defined
Creating and Configuring Remote Access Policies

Managing Terminal Services

Managing Terminal Services Overview
Remote Administration and Application Server Mode
Terminal Services User Properties

Taking and Passing the 70-218 Test

Test Preparation and the Day of The Test

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