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Macromedia Flash MX Pro 2004 Advanced Developer Tutorial

Macromedia Flash MX Pro 2004 Advanced Developer opens a whole new world of functionality to Flash development and programming. The central program, Flash MX Pro 2004, Includes everything in Flash MX 2004, plus advanced functionality for creating more sophisticated interactive content, rich Internet applications, professional quality video, and easy deployment to devices. In this VTC tutorial, author Eric Hake guides you through these advanced and exciting uses of Flash, including: application development, building applications with a familiar forms-based development environment, creating sophisticated interactivity with ActionScript 2.0 and connecting to data with robust, scriptable data-binding. To get started today, click the links below.


About this Course
Flash MX 2004 vs. Flash MX Professional 2004
The Compatibility Matrix

New Interface Features

Start Page
Assistance Panel
History Panel
Commands Menu
Spell Checking

Overview of v2 Components

v2 Component Overview
User Interface Components
UI Component Sets 3-5
Data Components
Media Components

Working With Templates

Rich Media Templates pt. 1
Rich Media Templates pt. 2

Timeline Effects

How Timeline Effects Work
Editing a Timeline Effect
Copy to Grid
Distributed Duplication

Understanding Behaviors

The Behaviors Panel
Adding Behaviors
Video Behaviors pt. 1
Video Behaviors pt. 2
Video Behaviors pt. 3
Movie Clip Behaviors pt. 1
Movie Clip Behaviors pt. 2

Developer Features

Project Files
The Project Panel
Source Code Control

Introduction To Screens

Overview of Screens
Document Structure
Two Different Types of Screens
The Screen Outline Pane

Rich Internet Applications

Defining Rich Internet Applications
RIA Examples pt. 1
RIA Examples pt. 2
Developer Resources

Form Application Templates

Working with Form Applications
Using The Form App Template pt. 1
Using The Form App Template pt. 2
Using The Form App Template pt. 3
Query-Error-Response Template

Flash Data Connectivity Features

Data Connectivity Overview
Data Components Overview
Data Connector Components
Data Management Components
Data Resolver Components

Flash Player 7 Security Features

Sandbox Concepts
Cross Domain Policy File Overview
Creating a Cross Domain Policy File
Policy File Issues
Effects on Flash Player Versions

Preparing Data Sources

External Data Sources Overview
Step 1 - Database Setup - MS SQL Server
Step 2 - Server Setup - ColdFusion MX

Building The Flash Interface

Project: Flash Data Form pt. 1 - Overview
Project: Flash Data Form pt. 2 - Navigation
Project: Flash Data Form pt. 3 - ActionScript
Testing the Data Form

Connecting To Data Sources Pt. 1 - Text

Text Data Connections Overview
Passing Variables to Flash Movies
Using the LoadVars Class
Coding the LoadVars Project
Testing the Data Connections

Connecting To Data Sources Pt. 2 - XML

XML Data Connections Overview
Project - XMLConnector pt. 1 - Server Setup
Project - XMLConnector pt. 1 - Components
Project - XMLConnector pt. 2 - Bindings
XML Project Wrap-Up

Connecting To Data Sources Pt. 3 - Web Services

Understanding Web Serives
Consuming Web Services in Flash
Web Service Connector
Project: Web Services pt. 1
Project: Web Services pt. 2
Web Services Project Wrap-Up

Updating Data Sources pt. 1 - RDBMS Resolver

RDBMS Data Connections pt. 1
RDBMS Data Connections pt. 2
Project: SQL Update Form pt. 1
Project: SQL Update Form pt. 2
Project: SQL Update Form pt. 3
SQL Update Project Wrap-Up

Other Connection Options

Flash Remoting
AMFPHP Project
XUpdateResolver Component


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