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Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript Tutorial

Author Doug Sahlin teaches you the ins and outs of Macromedia Flash MX ActionScripting. Designed to create websites or multimedia presentations for CD-ROM, Flash MX ActionScripting allows users to create exciting animated graphics while keeping a smaller file size than with conventional graphic editing methods. Learn key concepts that will make your Flash designs efficient and entertaining. If you create Flash designs for clients, adding ActionScript to your repertoire will keep you busy creating new designs for existing clients and possibly some new ones. Get started right away by clicking one of the movie topics below.


About This CD
About Flash MX
Using ActionScript
What's New in Flash MX ActionScript?

Introduction To ActionScript

What is an ActionScript?
Understanding Object Oriented Programming
When to Use ActionScript
Introducing the Actions Panel
Working in Normal Mode
Working in Expert Mode
Using the Reference Panel
Understanding ActionScript Syntax

Creating ActionScript Movies

About Flash Symbol Types
Adding an Action to Your Script
Adding an Action to a Keyframe
Adding an Action to an Object
Adding an Action to a Button
Planning Your ActionScript Movie
Tips for Creating Code pt. 1
Tips for Creating Code pt. 2
Dissecting an ActionScript

Controlling The Timeline With ActionScript

Starting and Stopping the Movie
Navigating to Frames and Scenes
Creating an Interactive Animation
Navigating to URLs
Opening a URL in a Different Browser Window

Controlling Movie Content With ActionScript

Creating Presentations
Working with Flash Levels
Using the LoadMovie and UnloadMovie Action

Creating ActionScript Loops

About Loops
Looping Between Frames
Creating a For Loop
Creating a While Loop
Creating a Do While Loop

Working With Variables And Arrays

About Variables and Arrays
Understanding Variable Data Types
Variable and Array Naming Conventions
Declaring a Variable
Creating an Array
Working with Arrays pt. 1
Working with Arrays pt. 2
Getting Data From an Array

Modifying An Object With ActionScript

Creating a Movie Clip
Creating Movie Clip Instances
Using the Set Property Action
Changing an Object's Properties pt. 1
Changing an Object's Properties pt. 2
Getting an Object's Properties

Using ActionScript with Text

Creating Input Text Blocks
Creating Dynamic Text Blocks
Loading Text From an External Document
Creating Rich Formatted Text

Using ActionScript Objects

Creating an Object Instance
Object Groups
Using the Date Object pt. 1
Using the Date Object pt. 2
Using the Date Object pt. 3
Using the Sound Object pt. 1
Using the Sound Object pt. 2
Using the Color Object
Using the Key Object pt. 1
Using the Key Object pt. 2
Generating Random Numbers

Creating Dynamic Content With ActionScript

Understanding Paths And Targets
Using Path Aliases
Programming a Movie Clip
Using the with Action
Loading Content Into a Target Movie Clip
Using the Attach Movie Method
Creating Modular ActionScript
Using the Duplicate Movie Clip Action

Creating Interactive Buttons And Navigation Devices

Creating a Button
Creating an Invisible Button
Creating a Drag and Drag Element
Creating a Navigation Bar pt. 1
Creating a Pop Up Menu pt. 1
Creating a Pop Up Menu pt. 2
Creating a Pop Up Menu pt. 3
Creating an Animated Button

Working With Statements And Expressions

Creating Conditional Statements pt. 1
Creating Conditional Statements pt. 2
Comparing Statements with Logical Operators
Using the Logical Not Operator
Working with Mathematical Expressions
Working with String Expressions
Manipulating Data pt. 1
Manipulating Data pt. 2
Manipulating Data pt. 3

Working With Functions

What is a Function?
Creating a Function
Calling a Function

Working With Flash Components

Using Flash Components
Getting New Components
Skinning Flash Components
Creating a Component pt. 1
Creating a Component pt. 2
Creating a Component pt. 3

Debugging ActionScript

Testing and Debugging Your Movies
Using the Trace Action
Using the Debugger
Debugging with Breakpoints

Project: Creating A Custom Cursor

Project Overview
Creating and Programming the Cursor Movie Clip

Project: Creating A Moving Image Gallery

Project Overview
Creating and Programming the Image Movie Clip
Programming the Invisible Buttons
Masking the Moving Image Gallery

Project: Creating a Motion Blur Effect

Project Overview
Creating the Motion Blur Movie Clip
Creating the Motion Trails Movie Clip

Project: Creating A Mouse Chaser

Project Overview
Creating Random Duplicates of Symbol
Creating and Programming the Chaser Movie clip

Project: Creating A Sound Controller

Project Overview
Creating a Soundtrack Movie
Programming the Controller
Programming the Buttons

Project: Creating A Slide Show

Project Overview
Creating the Image Title Array
Programming the Button
Programming the Back Button

Project: Creating Scrolling Text

Project Overview
Creating the Text and Text Box
Programming The Buttons

Where To Go From Here

Dissecting an ActionScript Movie
ActionScript Resources
Closing Remarks

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