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Macromedia Flash ActionScripting Tutorial

Virtual Training Company's Flash ActionScripting tutorial gives you an in-depth look into the scripting abilities of Macromedia's Flash 5. Author Don Rissler teaches with the assumption that you are already familiar with Flash, and he dives right into teaching you the actionscripting capabilities. Some of what you will learn includes Motion blur, the Ring of Saturn, the break down of scripting functions, and making button scripts. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.

Motion Blur

Creating Text
Using Duplicate Clips
SetProperty & Test

3D Logo with Ring of Saturn Text

Creating the Logo
Adding Text/Creating Sphere
Creating the Logo Shadow
Creating the Sphere Shadow
Testing & Tweeking
Standard Debugging

Basic Drag & Drop Menu

Creating the Menu
Designing the Tab Layer & Buttons
Adding the Drag/Drop Actionscript
Break down of Scripting Functions

Pen Writes Script on Page

Designing the Brush Graphic
Using Path Style Control
Prepping the Letters
Using a Mask Control

Moving Light Source

Intro & Demonstration
Create/Animate Text
Adding Star Animation
MovieClip Duplication
Errorchecking Code
Tweeking & Testing

Using Random SWFs

Random Access Primer
Basic Script
Advanced Walk-through
Working With Levels
Using Load Movie
Using Arrays

Mouse Follow/Basic & Advanced

Intro & Demonstration
Add Script to Existing Clip
Making a Letter Follower
Creating the Rollover Button
Actionscript for each Letter (1)
Actionscript for each Letter (2)
Adding a Data Collection Loop (1)
Adding a Data Collection Loop (2)
Using a Movement Condition
Error Checking & Testing

2D Particle System

Intro & Flame Creation
Animating the Flame
Adding Control Script
Duplicating Movie Clips
Debugging Parameters

3D Rotating Particle System

Intro & Particle Creation
Animating Each Particle
Attaching Particle to Path
Initialization Scripting
Actionscript Path Control
Testing & Debugging

Animation Primer

Squash & Stretch
Optimizing Tweening
Character Setup
Painting & Filling
Setting up Pivots
Symbol Animation
Importing Line Art
Line Animation
Tracing Image
External Image Files
Convert to Outlines (1)
Convert to Outlines (2)
Video Sequences

Game Basics

Concept Demonstration
Create the Background
Making the Angle Display
Adding the Input Button
Adding/Checking Math Script

Collision Detection Primer

Building your Spaceship (1)
Building your Spaceship (2)
Building an Enemy Asteroid (1)
Building an Enemy Asteroid (2)
Blowing up the Spaceship
Writing/Testing the Script

MP3 Player with Volume & Pan Dials

Outlining the Interface
Mirroring the Outline
Adding Gradient Fills
Making the Panning Feedback
Adding the Volume/Pan Buttons (1)
Adding the Volume/Pan Buttons (2)
Creating the Start/Stop Buttons
Pan Direction Indicator Creation
Adding the Control /Music Clips
Control Clip Labeling
Volume/Pan Actionscript
Adding Dial Movement Scripts
Making Play Button Scripts
Making Stop/Next Button Scripts
Making a Simple Jacobs Ladder
Importing the MP3 Files
Testing the Player

Basic First Person Flight Sim Game

Flowchart Walkthrough
Creating Cockpit
Creating Cockpit (2)
Creating the Gunsight
Animating Ammunition
Making Flight Gauge
Animating Gauge
Adding Sky & Clouds
Using 3D Models
Using Swift 3D
Tweeking 3D Frames
Optimizing 3D Animation
Adding Function Blocks
Adding Enemy Plane
Autonomous Control System
Enemy Movement Clips
Adding Cloud Symbols
Finishing Gauge Layout
Adding Plane Control System
Final Animation & Testing

Third Party Software

Third Party Software (1)
Third Party Software (2)

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