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Macromedia Flash 8: ActionScript for Designers Tutorial

Macromedia Flash 8: ActionScript for Designers is intended to teach those who understand the basics of Flash design the necessary tools to add powerful interactivity using ActionScript. It is not assumed that the viewer is familiar with much ActionScript, so the tutorial starts with simple explanations of ActionScript principles. By the end of the course, the viewer will have an excellent grasp on how ActionScript works, how to read and write complex code, and how to create dynamic Flash applications. To begin learning, simply click on one of the links below.

About This Tutorial

Why ActionScript for Designers?
What the Author Assumes You Know

ActionScript Fundamentals

Fun With Variables
Why Strict Typing?
What Are Classes and Objects?
Get Off My Properties!
What the Function?(+Methods)
Event Handlers

Gettng Organized

External AS Files pt. 1
External AS Files pt. 2
Effective Comment Usage
Organizing ActionScript
The Art of Tracing

Basic ActionScript

Communication Breakdown pt. 1
Communication Breakdown pt. 2
Modifying MC Properties
Customized Functions pt. 1
Customized Functions pt. 2
Customized Functions pt. 3
Customized Methods
Customized Event Handlers
Conditional Statements
Easy Animation With OnClipEvent

Using Dynamically Loaded Text

What Is the LoadVars Class?
Using LoadVars pt. 1
Using LoadVars pt. 2
Using LoadVars pt. 3
Get Your Scroll on!
Level Up Your Scroll! pt. 1
Level Up Your Scroll! pt. 2
Using HTML with text pt. 1
Using HTML with text pt. 2
Understanding CSS
Working With CSS In Flash

Modifying Type With TextFormat

WTF!? (TF = TextFormat)
Setting Up/Down States
Applying Up/Down States
Disabling Interactivity
Enabling Interactivity
Finishing Touches

Creating a Simple Game

About Custom Classes
Extending a Class
Adding Drag/Drop Interactivity
Setting Targets
Checking Targets
Using hitTest
Resetting X/Y Positions

Filters and Blend Modes

Applying Blends With AS
Importing Filters
Blur Filter With AS
Drop Shadow Filter pt. 1
Drop Shadow Filter pt. 2
Pssst...(Filter Secrets)

Animation Basics With ActionScript

onEnterFrame vs. setInterval
Using setInterval pt. 1
Using setInterval pt. 2
Stopping Animation

Advanced Animation

Animating Filters pt. 1
Animating Filters pt. 2
Importing Tweens
Creating a Tween
Tween Methods
Reversing a Tween
Custom Easing
Creating Transitions
Transition Differences
Transition Listeners pt. 1
Transition Listeners pt. 2

Building Forms

Form Setup pt. 1
Form Setup pt. 2
Simple Validation
Sending Results pt. 1
Sending Results pt. 2
Sending Results pt. 3
Setting Tab Order
Styling a Form pt.1
Styling a Form pt.2
Styling a Form pt.3


The MovieClipLoader Class
Building a Preloader
Using Listeners pt. 1
Using Listeners pt. 2

Slide Shows

Setting Up
Loading a Picture
picTotal Variable
Button Functionality pt. 1
Button Functionality pt. 2
Button Functionality pt. 3
Adding Descriptive Text
Adding a Picture Counter

Building an MP3 Player

Loading an mp3
Controlling Playback pt. 1
Controlling Playback pt. 2
Working With ID3 Tags
Changing Tracks pt. 1
Changing Tracks pt. 2
Showing Progress pt. 1
Showing Progress pt. 2

Building a Video Player

FLV Files
NetConnection and NetStream
The onMetadata Event
Using Play and Pause
The NetStream Class
Building a Progress Slider
The onStatus Event pt. 1
The onStatus Event pt. 2

That's a Wrap!

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